downhill review

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic grows and more businesses and movie theaters close, Hollywood studios have been left with nowhere to drop their theatrical releases. While some studios chose to delay their biggest feature films until the worst of the pandemic passes, a few studios decided to break the monotony of everyone’s self-isolation (and help keep a few kids entertained) by releasing their theatrical films on digital platforms early. Most films available to buy digitally about 74 days after they first arrive in theaters, but studios are breaking that tradition by releasing their films on VOD mere weeks after, or even on the same day of, the theatrical debut.

Here is an ongoing list of the films that have been or will be released early.

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Amazon Prime Cinema

With almost all the movie theaters closed around the United States, movie studios are releasing some recent and upcoming theatrical releases on VOD much further in advance than usual. Universal Pictures was the first to take a step in this direction, and they’ll be shaking things up even more when they release Trolls: World Tour on VOD on the same date it was intended to be released in theaters. Since then, other studios have followed suit with movies like Sonic the Hedgehog and Bloodshot arriving on VOD early. So Amazon has unveiled a dedicated space for them to be featured, and it’s called Amazon Prime Cinema.

As for how the former theatrical releases of movies like The Invisible Man and Onward are faring so far, it’s only Disney’s latest Pixar Animation adventure that seems to have cracked Top 10 lists. Instead, it’s the cheaper VOD movies that were more recently released on home video have been dominating the charts. Get the lowdown below. Read More »

The Invisible Man live tweet

Earlier this week, NBCUniversal became the first major Hollywood studio to shatter the traditional theatrical window by announcing that some of its films which recently debuted in theaters would be heading to VOD on an accelerated timeline. Each of those films – Focus Features’ Emma., and Universal Pictures’ The Hunt and The Invisible Man – are available to rent today due to the unusual circumstances of the coronavirus, and the filmmakers behind all three movies are participating in live tweets of their respective projects to help celebrate this odd occasion.
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weekend box office bloodshot

Movies can often be a great form of escape during times of crisis. But unfortunately, the crisis we currently find ourselves in – dealing with the coronavirus – has made movie-going difficult. Theaters are cutting capacity, and in some cases, closing entirely. On top of all that, the message that’s being spread far and wide is: social distancing, AKA “Stop going out in public, you dopes.” Which means the weekend box office was…not great. In fact, the weekend saw the box office at a 20-year low.

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the hunt review

How can a film this violent be so toothless? All bark and no bite, The Hunt rides a wave of faux-outrage into theaters, having been pulled from its original release in the wake of bad buzz and endless public shootings. And now that it’s here we can all see how utterly limp it really is. It’s a film that feels like it was designed to rile everyone up, but it ultimately has nothing to say about anything.

Had the movie opened during its original release date, we likely would’ve all forgotten about it by now. That’s not to say the rumors about the movie were untrue. Yes, it really is about liberal elites hunting MAGA-loving deplorables for sport. But rather than risk offending either side, The Hunt instead chooses to hang back and offer no real commentary. It’s a pulpy gore-fest that wants to shock, but ultimately fizzles.

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Streamer's Guide to March 2020

(Welcome to The Streamer’s Guide, a new monthly feature recommending at-home viewing options from filmmakers with new movies arriving in theaters this month.)

March is when the movie year feels like it really kicks off in earnest. The studios start putting their best foot forward, not just taking out their trash. The indie labels put out some of prior year’s festival hits that weren’t quite built for an Oscar run – but are nonetheless incredibly impressive titles. Last year’s films finally start to surrender their screens at the multiplex and head to streaming, leaving audiences with many exciting new options.

This year, we’re getting two Cannes competition entries, a (potentially) bold reimagining of a Disney classic, a movie recently feared canceled, a sequel to one of 2018’s biggest original hits, a standout feature from an American indie legend and a movie about how a deerskin jacket turns a man on to crime. And that’s just what I covered here! Read on to find out not only what to see in March 2020 but also what you should be watching at home now to prepare for some of the month’s highest profile releases.

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the hunt trailer

Who is hunting whom in the new international trailer for The Hunt? The controversial Blumhouse thriller that was pulled from release, then put back, has a new trailer with a big twist at the center. We all know the premise of this polarizing satirical horror movie: a group of “elites” hunt down “deplorables” as part of a demented game. But not if Betty Gilpin‘s character has anything to say about it. Watch the new international The Hunt trailer below.

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the hunt trailer new release

The Hunt was all set to open in September…and then everything changed. Word that the film was about “elites” hunting “deplorables” trickled-out, leading to intense backlash from several people, including a certain constantly-angry American president who loves to shout on Twitter all damn day. Blumhouse and Universal buckled to the criticism and pulled the film from release. Now, The Hunt is back, with a new trailer and a new release date. As a result, the movie now has a new marketing tactic, urging people to check out “the most talked about movie of the year” that “no one’s actually seen.”

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the hunt release

Earlier this month, Universal’s decided to indefinitely shelve the The Hunt in lieu of a string of tragic mass shootings and political controversy stirred up by Fox News and Donald Trump. The decision was treated with some derision among critics who argued that the polarizing logline for the satirical action thriller, which follows a group of elite liberals who are hunting down a group of people from conservative red states referred to as “deplorables,” shouldn’t be the sole reason that the movie was scrapped. But The Hunt may have a future in theaters if producer Jason Blum has anything to say about it. The Blumhouse Productions CEO revealed that he thinks a release for The Hunt could happen at some point in the future.

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It hasn’t even been two weeks since Universal Pictures released the first trailer for the satirical action thriller The Hunt, but the studio has decided to scrap the release of the movie starring Betty Gilpin and Hilary Swank after a series of mass shootings, political controversy and uproar surrounding the premise of the series. Find out more about The Hunt movie release canceled by Universal below. Read More »