Downton Abbey Movie Cast

We already know that one of the most distinctly British shows ever created is coming to the big screen, but new details have emerged as cameras begin to roll.

Downton Abbey captivated viewers for years, and now production has begun on a film that will continue the story of those involved with fictional Yorkshire country estate between the years of 1912 and 1926. In addition to all your favorite cast members reprising their small screen roles, Focus Features has announced a few new faces joining the Downton Abbey movie cast. Read More »

Downton Abbey movie

Ready to reunite with the Crawley family? Three years after coming to an end, the Emmy-winning drama series Downton Abbey is being resurrected for a feature. The original cast members are coming back to reprise their roles, and Oscar-winner Julian Fellowes, who created the series, wrote the movie’s screenplay. And this won’t just be a made-for-TV follow-up: this is a full-fledged theatrical event. Read more about the Downton Abbey movie below. Read More »

Luther (1)

While a lot of your favorite American shows go on hiatus for the holidays (see you in 2016, How to Get Away With MurderEmpire, The Walking Dead…), your favorite British shows aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they come bearing gifts in the form of specials.

Downton Abbey is returning for a Christmas special, which serves as the series finale, while Luther has condensed what was supposed to be its fourth season into a single three-hour special. Watch trailers for both after the jump.  Read More »

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is preparing to open its doors to you one last time. Ahead of the show’s final season premiere, ITV has unveiled a new trailer hinting at bittersweet endings for the Crawleys and their devoted staff. Watch the Downton Abbey final season trailer after the jump. Read More »

Downton Abbey ending

UPDATE: This news originally ran on Monday but there’s a new twist. A movie has now been mentioned as a possibly. Read more below.

For me, Downton Abbey just kind of happened. I’d heard some chatter about this British period drama people were raving about and, one night, I just popped the pilot on via Netflix. Instantly, I was hooked. The sharp writing, the dynamic characters and fascinating juxtaposition of a wealthy family and their servants had everything you could want in television: humor, suspense, romance, you name it. I’ve been a fan ever since and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve shed a tear or two at the show.

That’ll likely happen again next year. Word has come down that season six, which will air later this year in the United Kingdom before airing on PBS in the States in January 2016, will be the final season of Downton Abbey. Read More »

‘Downton Abbey’ Will Be Back for a Fifth Season

Downton Abbey Season 4

Briefly: The Crawleys will survive to fight another day. Downton Abbey has been renewed for a fifth season, as announced by PBS, several weeks before Season 4 even premieres in the U.S. “As American audiences ready themselves for the January 5th premiere of Season 4, our devoted Downton fans will rest easy knowing that a fifth season is on the way,” said Masterpiece executive producer Rebecca Eaton.

In the U.K., the fourth season (sorry, that’s “series” for you Brits) concluded this past weekend. It was the highest-rated TV drama of the year, drawing nearly 12 million viewers on average. There aren’t many upsides to the fact that our friends across the pond get the episodes months before we do, but the fact that we don’t have to worry about whether the show will get renewed is one.

Downton Abbey‘s 2013 Christmas Special will air in the U.K. next month. Season 4 kicks off January 5 in the U.S.

Downton Abbey Season 4

As British Downton Abbey fans brace themselves for the Season 4 finale in two weeks, American Downton Abbey fans are just now preparing for the Season 4 premiere in January.

PBS has released a new U.S. teaser for the post-Edwardian drama, featuring all the tasteful string music, lush period costumes, scandalous kisses, and shocked glances that you’d expect from a Downton Abbey teaser. The only thing it’s missing are some cutting Dowager Countess quips. Check it out after the jump.

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Downton Abbey Season 4

Tragedy hit the Crawley family in a big way during the last season of Downton Abbey, but life at the manor goes on — as the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) helpfully reminds Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) in the first trailer from Season 4. Based on the video, this life involves lots of hugging, kissing, and casting of meaningful glances, plus a whole lot of crying.

Additionally, there are some major changes coming to Downton, such as the addition of the show’s first black cast member (Gary Carr) and a trio of handsome suitors for Lady Mary (Tom Cullen, Julian Ovenden, and Brendan Patricks). Watch the new trailer after the jump; some Season 3 spoilers follow.

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Dexter (06)

Look how excited Masuka is about the impending return of Dexter. After the jump:

  • HBO sets Boardwalk Empire and Hello Ladies premiere dates
  • Bobby Cannavale joins Martin Scorsese‘s HBO pilot
  • Michelle Fairley (a.k.a. Catelyn Stark) heads to Suits
  • Dan Stevens is sorry about that Downton Abbey stuff
  • The IT Crowd crowd is back at work for one last episode
  • Showtime’s Shameless loses one of its regulars
  • Nurse Jackie will stick around for another year
  • The Borgias will end after Season 3, won’t get a movie
  • Peek at photos from the Dexter Season 8 premiere

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