most dangerous game trailer

Among the slew of new platforms that enter the increasingly competitive streaming wars, Quibi is a big question mark. A mobile platform that offers its content in 10-minute bite-sized episodes? Surely it must be a joke, or at least, a very odd experiment. We have yet to see whether that experiment will pay off.

Quibi certainly has been throwing all kinds of money and high-profile names at its projects, with everyone from Steven Spielberg to Guillermo del Toro involved with the forthcoming streaming service. And judging by the new trailer for one of the first of its many original titles, the action thriller Most Dangerous Game starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz, it has spared no expense for its shows. Watch the Most Dangerous Game trailer below.

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Theatrical Movies Streamed More at Home

Even though Netflix and Disney+ are making a habit out of releasing movies exclusively to their streaming platforms without giving them a theatrical release, it might not get the movie in front of as many eyes as they’d hoped.

According to a new survey conducted by Ernst & Young, about 62% of the 2,620 peoplesurveyed said they were more likely to watch a movie through a streaming service if it was given a theatrical release beforehand. Maybe skipping the theatrical release isn’t the best path for streamers to take with their movies? Read More »

Best Movies Streaming Right Now Taxi Driver

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)

Hello, streamers. It’s time again to highlight some great titles you can kick-back with at home right this very second. You’ll find classics, new films, a docu-series, a short film, and more. These are the best movies streaming right now.

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apple tv+ free

Even a free one-year subscription to a streaming service can’t entice customers to subscribe to Apple TV+. Apple’s streaming platform was offered for free for one year to all Apple device owners upon its launch in November 2019, a deal that fewer than 10% of Apple customers have taken up. Looks like customers aren’t biting on Apple TV+.

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best foreign movies and tv streaming january 30

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best foreign movies and TV streaming right now.)

As we near the annual Academy Awards, you may be anxious to watch the films nominated for the coveted golden statuette. And while some of them are available to stream now, a fair few are harder to find. But you can still watch the next best thing: movies or shows vaguely related to the Oscar-nominated movies! We have that and more in this week’s Pop Culture Imports, in which I offer you a chance to see Honeyland, the first movie ever nominated in the Best Documentary and Best International Feature categories (and deservedly so), as well as next-best recommendations for those eager to see Céline Sciamma’s lush romance Portrait of a Lady on Fire or to watch Bong Joon-ho’s masterpiece Parasite again. Instead I have for you Sciamma’s Tomboy and a tremendous K-drama starring Parasite‘s rich dad Lee Sun-kyun as a poor dad struggling against socioeconomic pressures. Those and a few more are streaming now.

So let’s fire up those subtitles and get streaming.

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downhill trailer

(Welcome to The Streamer’s Guide, a new monthly feature recommending at-home viewing options from filmmakers with new movies arriving in theaters this month.)

If you’ve seen all the /Film coverage from Sundance and gotten eager to sample the year’s first crop of new movies, you’re in luck! A number of them are hitting theaters almost immediately following their Park City debuts (plus a few on Netflix, including Dee Rees’ supposed bust The Last Thing He Wanted), and that’s on top of what looks like a promising crop of new releases on the studio side of things. If you’re looking to prepare for February’s openings, or perhaps just preparing a double feature with one half at home, here are some viewing options for you.

(Of note: I was not able to include a film for February’s biggest release, Birds of Prey, because director Cathy Yan’s debut feature still does not have U.S. distribution. Dead Pigs somehow got enough attention to get her a gig directing a giant movie for DC Comics, yet no distributor wants to put her prior film out there over two years after it premiered at Sundance. Justice for Dead Pigs, Cathy Yan and female filmmakers of color!)

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movies leaving netflix in february 2020

A new year brings new movies to our screens, and even more to leave our streaming services. Now that January is over with, and our resolutions are starting to wane, Netflix is remind you of those movies sitting on your watch list that you’ve been meaning to get to. In February, several great titles leave the service. So if you’ve been keeping these movies in your watch list, it’s best you jump on them now. Here are the TV shows and movies leaving Netflix in February 2020.

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New Blu-ray Releases Terminator Dark Fate

This latest round-up of new Blu-rays (and one DVD!) includes two films that drop on January 28, and two you can scoop up right this second. The two films destined for shelves next week are Terminator: Dark Fate and Very Bad Things. The others – well, see for yourself. These are the new Blu-ray releases you should check out this week and beyond.

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jojo rabbit outtakes

Taika Waititi is the definition of a multi-hyphenate: a director, a writer, a comedian, and an actor, directing and starring in his latest film, Jojo Rabbit. He’s also a “genius, mentor, role model,” and “great guy,” according to a tongue-in-cheek featurette from the forthcoming Jojo Rabbit Blu-ray release. The Jojo Rabbit outtakes clip features the cast of the Oscar-nominated film, including Best Supporting Actress nominee Scarlett Johansson, praising Waititi’s “genius” and so on. Watch the Jojo Rabbit Blu-ray featurette below.

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just one drink quibi series

Did you watch Marriage Story and think, “Man, I would love a whole series that’s just Laura Dern with a drink in her hand giving sage advice and yelling about the patriarchy”? Quibi will take you up on that request. The mobile streaming platform, which will offer bite-sized pieces of content made to be consumed in 10 minutes or less, has tapped Dern to star in the forthcoming series Just One Drink, which will be penned by Oscar-nominated screenwriter and award-winning author Nick Hornby (Brooklyn, About a Boy). Dern will star as a bartender who serves a series of customers in one-act vignettes. And honestly, that sounds like the dream.

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