Ryan Leston

Cardiff, United Kingdom
Cardiff University
Movies, TV, Comics
  • Ryan is a freelance movie journalist and film critic.
  • He's previously written for entertainment sites such as Yahoo! Movies, NME, and IGN, as well as British print publications, The Guardian and The Telegraph.
  • He has covered numerous industry events during his career, including the Oscars, BAFTAs, San Diego Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration and several prominent film festivals.


Ryan has worked as a film journalist for almost ten years, starting with Yahoo! Movies back in 2012. He specialised in pop culture entertainment, covering breaking Star Wars and Comic Book Movie news before stepping up to cover movies in general. He has written for numerous film publications including IGN, NME and Digital Spy among others, and has been published in the UK print publications, The Guardian and The Telegraph. He also works as a film critic, recently covering the 78th Venice Film Festival and has attended numerous junkets and red carpet events, including the Oscars, BAFTAs and others. His passion for movies was encouraged by a local video store owner as a teen, and he has gone on to pursue a career writing about film.


Ryan has a bachelor's degree in Creative & Professional Writing from the University of South Wales as well as a Masters in News Journalism from Cardiff University.
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