Billie Gagné-LeBel

Photo of Billie Gagné-LeBel
Montreal, Canada
Université Du Québec à Montréal
Movies, TV, Anime
  • Billie cumulates three years of film studies in college and university.
  • They've previously written for Screen Rant, Videodame, and MSN.
  • Their preferred genres are superheroes, sci-fi, and anime.


Billie has worked as a freelance writer for two years, making the move after working in film, photography and marketing for 5 years. They write for diverse clients on corporate blogs and social media, as well as for publications such as MSN, Screen Rant, Read Quebec, Videodame and Be MTL. When they're not writing for others, Billie is working on their first novel.


They graduated from university with a bachelor's in Communications, with a specialization in film production, and studied film for over three years, in particular Japanese, Chinese and Hollywood film.
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