The Boys Fans Keep Sending Jack Quaid One Piece Of Very Specific Advice

From the outside looking in, it might be easy to mistake a show that gets as much publicity as "The Boys" as little more than an edgy, juvenile, and exceedingly violent outlet to revel in our worst inclinations. Those who've stuck with the superhero satire despite its (admittedly) low-brow source material have a very different perspective, praising the series for its surprisingly astute social commentary, the writers' unapologetic political stances, and, yes, the fact that in any given episode you might end up with an all-out musical number, a shockingly explicit sex scene, or a scene that ends up as scarring for the actors as it does for their characters.

But never underestimate the lengths fans will go in order to latch onto the smallest and most seemingly insignificant moments. For all the headline-grabbing moments "The Boys" has to offer, there's still plenty of room for quiet, humanizing moments in between all the action and thrills. Take Jack Quaid's Hughie Campbell, for instance. The typically mousy, put-upon twink (as summed up in Queen Maeve's accurate estimation) might have tried to overcompensate during this last season by accepting Vought's Compound V serum on multiple occasions to get a little taste of that power fantasy and protect his girlfriend Starlight (Erin Moriarty). But at his core, Hughie's still just a scrawny fella who struggles to open a jar of mustard.

One scene in season 3 featured a throwaway gag where he tried and failed to do exactly that, and by the actor's own admission, this led to some of the funniest fan interactions you'll ever hear.

'I just love that they're able to enjoy being in on the joke'

If there's any one rule of the internet (no, not that one!), it's the fact that online fans will turn even the most insignificant details of a given movie or show into the biggest meme possible. Jack Quaid found that out in a rather amusing way, as he explained to GQ Magazine in a profile. The show has garnered its fair share of clueless fans who simply don't understand what they're watching and identify with all the worst characters that no reasonable person ever should ... but that doesn't mean a subset of viewers can't exist, all of whom have their priorities exactly where they should be.

Quaid detailed how one scene in season 3 where his character struggles to open a jar of mustard eventually led to some of the most wholesome and tongue-in-cheek attempts from viewers to pass on a little helpful advice. Quaid said:

"'The Boys' fans are very sweet. A big thing with Hughie this season randomly is that he can't open this one jar of mustard. So they keep sending me all these Amazon pages for like how to order can openers and how to open jars. I just love that they're able to enjoy being in on the joke."

Quaid, of course, knows firsthand what it's like to be a fervent fan online these days, having done his own research for his "Scream" role. Sometimes, in the midst of so much negativity on the internet, a little dose of fun-loving antics can go a long way.