Could She-Hulk Introduce Another Member Of The Hulk Family?

(This article contains spoilers for the first two episodes of "She-Hulk: Attorney At Law." Please proceed with caution.)

In the pilot episode of "She-Hulk: Attorney At Law," True Believers learned that Jennifer Walters got her Hulk powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during a car crash while on a road trip with her cousin, Bruce Banner. Both bloody after the wreck, his blood dripped onto Jen and into her bloodstream, mixing his gamma-irradiated blood with hers and triggering a transformation.

While this is more or less in line with her comic origin (aside from the blood transfusion happening accidentally on the show), one hugely important detail that sets the Disney+ series apart from the source material is the spaceship that causes the crash. A Sakaaran vessel descends from the sky directly in front of Bruce and Jen's car, blocking the road ahead and causing the cousins to overturn their car while swerving off the highway.

While this ship doesn't stick around to check on the damage they caused or trade insurance information, it does pop up again in episode two. When Jen calls Bruce to let him know that she's taking a job that involves her representing Emil Blonsky aka the Abomination, it's revealed that the Hulk is on the Sakarran craft in space en route to somewhere. Why have the Sakaarans sent for Banner? Where is he going with them? And what could this mean for the future of the Jade Giantess? We have an idea that may or may not include yet another member of the Hulk family making their MCU debut.

Son of Hulk

A common theme for the MCU's Phase Four has been family. Black Widow propels her sister's life into the future instead of dwelling in the past. Shang-Chi learns to accept his family and their influences on his life. Through heartbreaking circumstances, Doctor Strange and Thor add new members to their families. And Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, and the nation of Wakanda lose some of the most important members of their families. So on the surface, "She-Hulk" maintains that theme in a much lower-stakes way by introducing the audience to Dr. Banner's cousin. However, with that spaceship coming into play, it's very possible that Hulk's son from his time on Sakaar could factor into this story as well.

Created in 2007 by Greg Pak and John Romita Jr as part of the acclaimed Marvel Comics storyline "World War Hulk,", Skaar is the offspring of the iteration of Hulk known as The Green Scar or The World Breaker and the Red King's bodyguard Caiera the Oldstrong. While their unborn child was thought to be among the casualties killed when the warp core from Hulk's shuttle had exploded (along with Caiera and millions of innocent people), Skaar's cocoon actually fell into the lake of fire and was carried to safety. Once hatched, he appeared as a preteen human child, but he matured rapidly and developed the appearance and intelligence of a young adult in about a year.

Eventually, after having a run-in with Galactus and gaining the Old Power of his mother and the Shadow People of Sakaar, Skaar is exiled from his home planet and makes his way to Earth to meet his father. Though he initially means to kill Hulk, Banner ends up taking his son under his wing and teaches him to be a hero.

Nephew of She-Hulk

But why introduce the savage Skaar on a sitcom about She-Hulk? The answer is likely two-fold. First, the film rights to the Hulk are still complicated and the next Avengers movie is a ways off, so the House of Ideas doesn't have anywhere else to put a Hulk storyline. The second reason is for comedic purposes.

In "Thor: Ragnarok," Banner was stuck in Hulk form for two years and had very little recollection of what happened during that time once he came out of it. It's within reason that Hulk might have entertained some female fans in his fancy penthouse after his gladiator battles. But with the introduction of Hulk's progeny, maybe Jen has to argue in court whether Skaar is actually Banner's son legally. Does Bruce owe back pay for child support? And what does the legal system on Sakaar say about this? Jessica Gao and her writers' room could have a lot of fun exploring these possibilities. Although, my guess would be that the nine-episode first season ends with a cliffhanger where we see Bruce contacting Jen because he needs a lawyer for a hearing of some kind before picking this back up in season 2.

The hulkin' future

No matter how he's introduced, Skaar could also tie into the other big theme of Phase Four: Legacy. With the mantle of Captain America being passed on to Sam Wilson, the introduction of a new Hawkeye and Black Widow, Thor acting as a surrogate father, and armored heroes like Ironheart and War Machine on the horizon, the rest of the original line-up of Earth's Mightiest heroes are all thinking about the future. Skaar could do the same thing for Hulk and provide a nice side of sweet alongside the funny. And probably alongside the punching, since that's apparently how the Hulks show love. But as of now, we'll just have to wait and see how things play out on Marvel's latest Disney+ series.