A Quiet Place: Day One Has Been Pushed Back To 2024

The upcoming prequel to John Krasinski's "The Quiet Place" movies, titled "A Quiet Place: Day One," has unfortunately been pushed back to 2024 (via The Hollywood Reporter). The prequel was announced sometime last year, and initially had a September 2023 release date attached to it. However, according to recent announcement by Paramount Pictures, "A Quiet Place: Day One" currently has a tentative release date of March 8, 2024.

"A Quiet Place: Day One" is not a sequel to "A Quiet Place Part II," as it is an original film based on an idea by Krasinski, who will not be starring in the project, but will be serving as producer. The prequel is being helmed by Michael Sarnoski, who previously directed the intensely-moving Nicolas Cage starrer, "Pig." Apart from this particular film, a bunch of other titles have also been pushed back, including Krasinski's upcoming "If" and Raman Hui's "The Tiger's Apprentice."

A horrifying origin story

"A Quiet Place" is set dead in the aftermath of a full-blown apocalypse, wherein sightless aliens known as Death Angels have taken over Earth. Most of humanity is dead, and those who have survived, like the Abbott family, have to make sure that their movements are as soundless as possible, so as to avoid attracting the creatures. "A Quiet Place Part II" heightens the tension and horror surrounding the situation, while offering a little glimpse into how the creatures first arrived and carried out their plan of taking over the planet.

Although the details of "A Quiet Place: Day One" are tightly under wraps, the title could be referring to events that a fresh group of survivors undergoes right after the attack, and the film could potentially delve into the disorientation of having to survive a race of beings with superhuman strength and hearing. Sound is an integral part of the human existence, as it is how we essentially communicate and go about our lives. To be robbed of this essential aspect of humanity is terrifying, especially if it turns into the very reason that ushers one's death.

"Day One" was initially supposed to be directed by Jeff Nichols, but Sarnoski took over after the former exited the project. Apart from Krasinski, other producers include Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller. Platinum Dunes and Sunday Night Productions are involved in the production process, while Allyson Seeger is executive producing. There has been no official announcement regarding the cast of the film, at least as of now.

"A Quiet Place: Day One" is expected to release on March 8, 2024.