Next A Quiet Place Movie Will Be Helmed By Pig Director Michael Sarnoski

According to Deadline, the next installment of "A Quiet Place" is in talks to have a new director, and it's none other than "Pig" filmmaker Michael Sarnoski. The critically acclaimed Nicolas Cage-led drama was the director's first feature, and it seems Paramount has wasted no time snapping him up to helm a major project.

At the moment, there aren't many details about the third entry into the "A Quiet Place" franchise, including its title. John Krasinski directed the first two films in the series, with the most recent earning $297 million worldwide despite its pandemic release. Previously, director Jeff Nichols ("Take Shelter") was on board to direct, but he left the project in 2021.

How Does Sarnoski Fit Into The Franchise?

"A Quiet Place Part II" followed the remaining members of the Abbott family, led by Emily Blunt, as they navigated a post-apocalyptic world in which monsters prey on anyone who makes a sound. The franchise's third film reportedly comes from an idea by John Krasinski, who directed the first two installments and starred in the first. It's also apparently not a direct sequel, but an in-universe spinoff. The series' second installment expanded the "A Quiet Place" world considerably, and included plenty of seeds of ideas that could be grown in future films, like the origin story of the survivors on the island that was monster-free.

Though there will no-doubt be some murmurings about Sarnoski's decision to follow up his quiet indie film with a major blockbuster, it seems like whatever idea Krasinski has for the franchise benefits from a sure cinematic voice like his. Both the previously tapped director, Nichols, and Sarnoski have made powerful works about stoic men undergoing internal transformation. We won't know for sure how well the story's vision will match the director's sensibilities until we know the details of the story, but for now, it's an interesting match. We do know Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Krasinski will all produce the third installment along with Allyson Seeger and Andrew Form.

Hopefully, this will also bring more eyes to "Pig," which was my personal favorite film of 2021. Early promotion for the film made it look like a "John Wick"-style thriller about a man (Cage) who decides to knock some skulls when his beloved truffle pig is stolen. Instead, it was a surprising and emotional Trojan horse of a film. Cage puts in some of the finest work of his career as a grieving man learning to live in the light of day after years of darkness. The "A Quiet Place" movies are a hit for a lot of reasons, but one is their ability to connect emotionally with audiences. With Sarnoski behind the camera, we know that part's covered.