A Quiet Place: Day One Is The Title Of The New Spin-Off Film [CinemaCon 2022]

It's difficult to overstate the effect that John Krasinski's "A Quiet Place" had on the industry as a whole in 2018. With a spate of original films largely floundering at the box office and future ones becoming increasingly more difficult to find funding for, the genuinely original horror premise of aliens invading the Earth with a hypersensitivity to the tiniest sounds helped bring hordes of general audiences back to the theaters. Without the benefit of pre-established IP, "A Quiet Place" defied the odds and rode its clever "hook" to the tune of millions of dollars and an unqualified success at the box office, launching John Krasinski's directing career to new heights as his sophomore effort behind the camera.

The newly-christened franchise spawned one more sequel, 2020's "A Quiet Place Part II," and even plans for a spin-off film set within the same universe, as well. That spin-off has endured somewhat of a rocky road throughout its development cycle, with original director Jeff Nichols ("Take Shelter," "Mud," "Midnight Special") parting ways and making room for his eventual replacement, Michael Sarnoski, most well-known for his impressive debut on the Nicolas Cage-starring "Pig."

Now, we finally have some more clarification on how that spin-off will take shape. At today's CinemaCon presentation, Paramount Pictures revealed the new title for the third film set in the "A Quiet Place" world. Fans can now write it down in ink that the spin-off movie will be titled "A Quiet Place: Day One."

A Quiet Place: Day One

Fans will no doubt begin to immediately speculate about what that title could imply. Without established characters like the Abbott family, led by Emily Blunt's matriarch Evelyn, the spin-off is expected to follow new characters in a completely different location than the first two movies. In "Part II," viewers caught a frenzied glimpse of the "day one" that the extraterrestrials landed on Earth, wreaking havoc on the Abbott family in particular before the action is moved forward by several years into the present.

This new title would almost certainly suggest the possibility of an entire film taking place at the earliest moments of the invasion. There's no telling what the specifics of the plot will include or, more importantly, how the spin-off will differentiate itself from the predominant family-focused themes of the pair of main movies in the franchise. But the exciting new title at least gives us a foundation of what to expect as the "A Quiet Place" universe attempts to expand beyond the trials of a single family and the assorted characters they encounter in the post-apocalyptic world.

"A Quiet Place: Day One" has no announced release date just yet, so stay tuned to /Film for more updates as they come in.