How To Watch Rob Zombie's The Munsters At Home

In the endless string of intellectual property being mined for all its worth, cult horror filmmaker and musician Rob Zombie has decided to put away his usual griminess in order to revive the 1960s television sitcom "The Munsters." Though the film does play with the iconography of the horror genre, "The Munsters" is a straight-up comedy, marking quite the tonal change for the guy who made "House of 1,000 Corpses" and "Lords of Salem." The film still brings in plenty of his usual collaborators, such as actors Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Daniel Roebuck, and Richard Brake, but they will get to flex parts of their lighter side Zombie's pictures rarely let them utilize.

"The Munsters" still has plenty of fans out there thanks to the wonderful world of television reruns, and I imagine they are all gearing up to see this new take on the show. However, the trailer does make the film look like it was for about ten bucks and a couple dimes, but perhaps that low budget quality could aid in injecting some genuine charm into the picture. If you just cannot wait to get your eyes on "The Munsters," you will not have to wait too much longer. Plus, it will be pretty easy to access

The Munsters come to Blu-ray

"The Munsters" will arrive on Blu-ray, DVD and on-demand platforms on  September 27, 2022. It will hit these platforms ahead of its streaming debut on Netflix, where they will be pitted up against an old foe for the first time in six decades (hint: snap, snap). 

Coming to everyone's favorite dwindling streaming service this September

Though we do not have a definitive release date yet, we do know that "The Munsters" will premiere in September 2022. Thanks to Rob Zombie's Instagram, we also know that the film will be debuting on Netflix. It will be released around the same time as Netflix's other update of a beloved horror-tinged 1960s sitcom, "The Addams Family," with the Tim Burton-directed "Wednesday" series.

Originally, "The Munsters" was produced by Universal Pictures, set up to be a simultaneous theatrical and Peacock release. Perhaps thinking that was a bit too ambitious, the film was carted off to their Home Entertainment division to be a direct-to-video project. In a move of even less confidence, Universal now has shipped it off to Netflix, a place where films famously thrive and do not disappear in a glut of content that people are unsubscribing to in great numbers. Look, I don't want to make people get too down on "The Munsters" because of this chain of events, but that much movement rarely spells success.

If you are still eager to see an origin story to "The Munsters" by Rob Zombie making his first PG-rated film, you only have a couple of months of waiting to go. "The Munsters" will stream on Netflix on September 27, 2022.