The Munsters And The Addams Family Will Face Off Again, After Six Decades, On Netflix

Well, it looks like "The Munsters" are headed to Netflix instead of Universal's Peacock. Gotta give Bloody-Disgusting credit for breaking this news back in May, and that was before anyone saw the trailer and wondered what the hell Universal was thinking spending their money on that!

That's a little snarky, I admit, but it is true that curiosity around Rob Zombie's remake of "The Munsters" seemed to deflate like a popped balloon the second that trailer dropped, at least that's the reaction I've seen from my fellow horror obsessed fiends. But Universal appears to have sold "The Munsters" to Netflix, with Rob Zombie himself confirming it on his Instagram. And he's quite pleased by this development, too. 

Zombie was hugely influenced by the surprising amount of family-friendly monster TV shows of the 1960s, with "The Munsters" near the top of his favorites list. Funnily enough, the one he often singles out as his favorite is "The Addams Family" which Netflix is also rebooting. So, "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family" will once again co-exist, a fact that seems to have Zombie giddy as a schoolboy if his Instagram post is anything to go by. He says it's been 58 years since "this clash of the titans" first happened.

Expect both projects around Halloween

I guess technically it's not "The Addams Family" exactly, but rather a Wednesday Addams-focused show called, appropriately enough, "Wednesday." The series is directed by Tim Burton and stars the great up-and-comer Jenna Ortega ("Scream") as Wednesday Addams along with a pretty righteous cast including Luis Guzman, Catharine Zeta-Jones, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, and previous Wednesday Addams actress Christina Ricci.

When "The Munsters" was set to premiere on Peacock they had a September release date, but now that it has moved to Netflix the only thing we know is "Fall." Looking at the context clues of Zombie's Insta post and considering the spooky nature of both shows, it's a pretty safe bet that we'll see "Wednesday" and "Munsters" sometime close to Halloween. Zombie's specific words were "perfect entertainment for your pumpkin carving party" complete with jack-o-lantern and spooky ghost emojis.

Yes, the guy who made "The Devil's Rejects" posts to social media like a Gen Z TikTok influencer, and is it weird I like him more for doing that? Maybe, but I do. Don't have much hope for my own personal enjoyment of "The Munsters," but I always gotta give props to filmmakers following their fandoms.

"The Munsters" stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Daniel Roebuck, Richard Brake, Dee Wallace, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira!), and Jorge Garcia.