Death Note Reboot Series: Everything We Know So Far

Here we go again. Matt and Ross Duffer, the duo behind the Netflix powerhouse "Stranger Things," have announced the formation of their new production company, Upside Down Pictures. The studio will produce series for the streaming platform and to mark the special occasion, they announced a few of the projects they have in store.

One of these projects might come as a shock to anime fans, and that is a live-action reboot of "Death Note." Before everyone groans, this will not be a sequel or continuation of the "Death Note" film Netflix already released. However, it is slated to be the newest adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's wildly popular manga series. Details on the project are extremely scarce at the moment, but more will surely be revealed in the coming months as long as names aren't written down in anyone's notebook. Here's what we know about the newly-announced reboot of "Death Note."

The crew behind the Death Note reboot, and what it might be about

While the Duffers are the major name attached to this project, it does have a very interesting showrunner in the form of Halia Abdel-Meguid. Deadline exclusively reported that she will write and executive-produce the adaptation, having also written for the upcoming Hulu miniseries "The Devil in the White City." The trade also emphasizes her love for the source material and fluency in Japanese, perhaps in an attempt to curb any potential whitewashing accusations that the 2017 film faced. Among the reboot's non-Duffer producers are Dan Lin, Miri Yoon, Roy Lee, and Jonathan Eirich.

As for what it might be about, there is a chance it could stray away from the story of Light Yagami altogether. After all, a decision like this would suit the reboot angle the series is aiming for. However, whether they will create new characters instead of utilizing those from the original manga is still unclear, and further plot details are being kept securely under wraps.

Can the Death Note reboot finally result in a good adaptation?

Of course, this is not the first time that "Death Note" has been adapted to live-action. Five films and one television series have been released in Japan, while the United States infamously tried its hand at Americanizing the franchise in 2017. Did you know there's also a stage musical based on the franchise? Well, if you didn't before, now you do.

The thing is, whether these adaptations are actually good are still up for debate. It's pretty fair to say that the American film, despite having arguably the greatest Ryuk casting of all the adaptations, was a big let-down for hardcore fans and casual viewers alike. However, the numerous Japanese adaptations have also varied in quality, which have made fans wonder whether "Death Note" can ever be faithfully and entertainingly adapted to live-action.

The good news is that they'll have plenty of time to figure this one out, as there's no clear sign of when the series will move forward. That being said, given the pedigree of the Duffers and their new Upside Down Pictures company, one can hope that this upcoming reboot can finally showcase the world of the Shinigami realm and the almighty Kira to its full potential.