Hulu's Devil In The White City Loses Director Todd Field Following Keanu Reeves Exit

It's looking a bit less likely that Hulu will be adapting Erik Larson's 2003 novel "The Devil in the White City," after all. Variety reports that the adaptation has lost its main director, Todd Field, mere days after Keanu Reeves left the project. What in tarnation is going on?

The answer to that question is still unknown. According to Variety's anonymous source, Hulu is now trying to recruit a new director for the buzzy series alongside a new lead actor. Reeves was slated to play Daniel H. Burnham, a real-life architect who gets caught up in the frantic energy of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair as a serial killer roams the nearby streets. Much like Field's sudden departure, it is unknown why the actor dropped out, although it is quite odd that both the lead and the show's director left the project around the same time.

Field would have directed the first two episodes of "The Devil in the White City," as well as served as executive producer on the project. Variety's source also claims that the director will no longer be producing the series, either.

More troubles for a gestating project

With both its director and lead star bowing out, "The Devil in the White City" has returned back into developmental purgatory. Development on an adaptation goes as far back as 2010, when Leonardo DiCaprio was attached to play serial killer Dr. H.H. Holmes for director Martin Scorsese. Progress on this film stalled for years despite the duo's consistent involvement, and they were both attached to produce the retooled series adaptation.

However, are they alone enough to carry the project to completion? That's not entirely guaranteed. While Hulu did order "The Devil in the White City" straight to series, the losses of both Field and Reeves might put a big damper on those plans. It's likely that replacements will be hired soon, but it is still a black eye on its production to outsiders.

At the very least, Field is far from being in a bad position at the moment. His first feature in 16 years, "Tár," has received critical acclaim after arriving in theaters on October 7, with particular praise being directed at Field and star Cate Blanchett. Reeves also remains more than busy, with "John Wick: Chapter 4" arriving in theaters in 2023 and the feature adaptation of his comic "BRZRKR" in development.