Bodkin: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix, Higher Ground and wiip have just announced the cast for the upcoming series "Bodkin." It's a working title, but an evocative one if you know what it means. The series is set in Ireland and it's a comedic thriller involving a disappearance that turns into something more. It does make sense that it's called "Bodkin" if that something more turns out to be murder. 

A bodkin is a dagger, and if that sounds familiar to you, it's likely because of the "To be, or not to be" speech from Hamlet. Here's the quote from the bodkin part of the speech:

To grunt and sweat under this weary life,

When that he may his full Quietus make,

With a bare bodkin, who would this endure,

But for a hope of something after death?

Though we don't know if an actual bodkin is a part of this series, or if the final title will actually even be "Bodkin," it's certainly creates a whole mood. Let's dive into what we know about "Bodkin."

When and where to watch Bodkin

There is no release date listed for "Bodkin," and the casting has only just been announced. However, we do know that it's about to start production in Ireland next week. 

Higher Ground head of Film and Television Tonia Davis said this of what's coming: 

"We are ecstatic to partner with wiip for this wickedly wry thriller which questions truth, narrative, and the very purpose of each. This entire creative team – Jez, Alex, Nash, and the phenomenal cast led by Will Forte and Siobhan Cullen – will bring to life something very special and we can't wait to share it with audiences around the world."

Since this series has Netflix as part of the production team, we at least have an idea of where it will premiere (on Netflix). 

What we think Bodkin will be about

We do have a logline for "Bodkin," however. 

BODKIN (wt) is a darkly comedic thriller about a motley crew of podcasters who set out to investigate the mysterious disappearance of three strangers in an idyllic, coastal Irish town. But once they start pulling at threads, they discover a story much bigger and weirder than they could have ever imagined. As our heroes try to discern fact from fiction — about the case, about their colleagues, and, most painfully, themselves — the series challenges our perception of truth and exposes the stories we tell ourselves to justify our beliefs or validate our fears.

Ooh, this actually sounds really intriguing. Like the Hulu series "Only Murders in the Building," it's about podcasters who get involved in the real case. It's a pretty cool premise, and any chance to watch anything set in Ireland is always fun for me. We also know that we're going to have seven episodes in what they're calling a "darkly comedic thriller."

What we know about the cast and crew of Bodkin

Jez Scharf is creator/co-showrunner/executive producer, with Alex Metcalf as co-showrunner and executive prodcuer. Other executive producers include David Flynn (wiip), Paul Lee (wiip), Tonia Davis, Barack and Michelle Obama (Higher Ground), and Nne Ebong. Lead director is Nash Edgerton. (He's Joel Edgerton's brother and was Ewan McGregor's stunt double in the "Star Wars" prequels.)

The cast includes Will Forte, Siobhan Cullen, Robyn Cara, David Wilmot, and Chris Walley. Here are the character breakdowns:

Will Forte ("Nebraska") plays Gilbert: Charming, open, and enthusiastic, Gilbert Power is an American podcaster on the hunt for his next big story. Originally from Chicago, Gilbert's family emigrated from Cork, and is hoping to discover his Irish roots. Gilbert loves his work, and using his undeniable charm and natural warmth to unearth the truth of a story by gaining people's trust — and then weaving their memories, recollections and theories into an engaging narrative. While his affect is innocent and charming, it's clear that there's much more going on underneath the surface — something he hopes to avoid by coming to Ireland in pursuit of material for his next podcast.

Siobhan Cullen ("The Dry") plays Dove: Originally from Dublin, Dove is a truth-seeking missile. A hard-nosed investigative journalist with a fine-tuned b***s*** detector and a healthy disdain for authority and hypocrisy. People find Dove rude, "difficult." But she believes she just tells the truth, which makes her completely blind to her own b***s*** and hypocrisy. She's also funny. And brave. And brilliant. She can also be extremely charming and persuasive. Unfortunately, she's in the middle of the biggest professional crisis of her career — and when you live your life as a lone wolf, your career tends to be all you have.

More cast info

Robyn Cara ("Trying") plays Emmy: Bright, funny and eager to please, Emmy is a researcher and has been helping Gilbert organize this podcast to a 'T'. But underneath her competent exterior, Emmy is clearly gnawed at by insecurities which she tries to hide with enthusiasm and comedy. Pulled between the sharp Dove and laconic Gilbert, Emmy's is struggling to find her own voice.

David Wilmot ("Station Eleven") plays Seamus Gallagher: Seamus carries the weight and presence of a man who was physically powerful in his younger years. Mercurial and mysterious, Seamus can turn on the charm when it serves his needs, however he can just as quickly snap into outbursts of violence when he feels he is being threatened.

Chris Walley ("The Last Voyage Of The Demeter") plays Sean O'Shea: A local from the village of Bodkin, Sean is a typical Irish country lad — feckless, up for a laugh, and doesn't seem to be preoccupied with the obligations or responsibilities that usually accompany adulthood. He also is wrapped up in some pretty shady business, and a situation where we come to learn he is completely out of his depth.

I don't know about you, but this has me completely intrigued. Honestly, I kind of hope they do a companion podcast for this, because I would absolutely listen to it as well.