Will Forte's MacGruber Returns To SNL, And He's An Anti-Vaxxer Now

Twelve years after his departure as a regular cast member, Will Forte finally returned to the "Saturday Night Live" stage to host the long-running late night sketch comedy series. Because the "Last Man On Earth" and "Nebraska" star is best known for bringing a number of awkward and somewhat dark characters to life throughout his eight year tenure on the show, Forte has quite a deep well of characters that he could have brought back for his first hosting gig.

Unfortunately, Jeff Montgomery, Hamilton, and Carl the fartfaced businessman were no shows this time around. But Clancy T. Bachleratt did reunite with Jackie Snad to sing about spaceships, toddlers, Model-T cars, and jars of beer again thanks to a cameo from Kristen Wiig. And of course, these episode wouldn't be complete without the return of Forte's most famous "SNL" character. The main event of this week's episode was an all new adventure with MacGruber.

Shut Your Butt!

After starring in his own feature film and Peacock original series, special operations agent MacGruber made a glorious comeback to 30 Rock to deactivate ticking bombs once more alongside companions Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig) and Dixon Piper (Ryan Phillippe). As usual, the fan favorite "MacGyver" parody managed to get distracted by a variety of personal issues. But instead of alcoholism, a fear of aging, or the identity of his real father, it looks like the ultimate hero and uber-patriot MacGruber is more concerned about COVID-19, masks, and vaccinations these days. And not in the reasonable, kind, or helpful way.

In the latest "MacGruber" sketches, the resourceful adventurer has been outed as an anti-vaxxer and an anti-masker. He decides to free himself and his colleagues from tyranny by burning their masks. Then he decides to take questionable medications to fight off his Covi-philis, a new strain of the virus that combines (you guessed it) COVID and syphilis. Finally, after completely succumbing to off the wall right wing Qanon conspiracy theories, MacGruber full on embraces the latest fashion from Donald Trump's Insurrection Collection. But before the last hoax of a bomb explodes, he does get a quick plug in for the NBC streamer, which is where you can find the latest adventures of MacGruber right now.

As Forte alluded to in his monologue, "MacGruber" has not been picked up for a second season as of yet. If it does, let's hope that the titular hero has gotten that COVID denying nonsense blasted out of his system.