A Look At The Munsters Has Sheri Moon Zombie's Lily Supporting A Local Small Business

Gather around, monster kids, because we've got more news regarding Rob Zombie's cinematic version of "The Munsters." Continuing his trend of releasing exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and announcements from set through his personal Instagram account, Rob Zombie has revealed the best photo yet of Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster, supporting some little entrepreneurs from Mockingbird Heights. The full-color photo shows Sheri Moon's Lily Munster paying for a drink at a lemonade stand that's popped up in front of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the iconic castle home of The Munster family.

"Lily always supports the local businesses of Mockingbird Lane," captioned Rob Zombie. "The adults may be scared, but the kids understand." Adults have easily been the ones most concerned with how "The Munsters" is going to turn out, but fears have mostly subsided thanks to the reveal that the film was going to be rated PG, thereby squashing any fears that Marilyn Munster was going to wear KISS t-shirts and drop expletives between every other word a la Laurie Strode in Zombie's "Halloween II." 

Zombie ended the photo caption with an all-caps declaration of "BIG NEWS COMING THIS WEEK!" It seems likely that the week's big news may be the definitive release date of "The Munsters" coming this Halloween season, but there have been rumors swirling for the last month about the possibility of the film leaving Peacock and arriving, instead, on Netflix. With Netflix Geeked Week happening right now, it's hard not to throw on a tin foil hat and believe the rumors.

A closer look at Lily Munster

Sheri Moon's look as Lily Munster honors the original hair, makeup, and dress design made famous by Yvonne De Carlo, but looks to have traded out the blue/green tint for a pale white vampy complexion. Last week, Zombie again took to Instagram to show Uncle Gilbert (the Gil Man) had wrapped shooting on the film, which included a dancing Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips as Lily and Herman Munster, respectively. The video provided a fantastic look at the cloak worn by Sheri Moon, but with Rob Zombie including a distressed filter over the footage, it was difficult to confirm Lily's makeup.

Thanks to this new photo, we can for sure confirm that Lily's makeup is a contrasting pale white with dark features, with the memorable eyebrows and "Bride of Frankenstein" style white streak on full display. The children's clothing gives the impression of a throwback appearance, but considering contemporary fashion frequently brings back vintage looks, the film could very well take place in the present day. Jeff Daniel Phillips even commented on the photo saying, "She really does have the sweetest cold heart on the block," indicating that Lily Munster will be as kind-hearted and lovely in the film as she was in the original television series.