Rob Zombie Has Some Fresh Photos From Inside The Munsters' 1313 Mockingbird Lane

What's the next best thing to making a visit to the set of "The Munsters?" How about a photo tour of the set, courtesy of Rob Zombie?

You've met the cast of Zombie's upcoming film, led by Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Daniel Roebuck — as Herman, Lily, and Grandpa Munster, respectively. You've also had your first look at Cassandra Peterson, shorn of her usual "Elvira: Mistress of the Dark" makeup, as Barbara Carr, the #1 real estate agent in all of Mockingbird Heights. Now, get ready to climb out of the coffin and take a quick tour of 1313 Mockingbird Lane with the slide show below, which Zombie posted to his official Instagram account.

Seeing the "Munsters" set from the chandeliers on down to the rugs, it really reminds me of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. "The Munsters" began its production a long way from there, however, in Budapest, Hungary. 

Dig through the ditches and burn through the pictures

"Do you dream of a vacation at the bottom of the ocean ... but you can't float the bill? Have you always wanted to climb the mountains of Mars ... but now you're over the hill?"

This is how the virtual vacations in the original "Total Recall" film were sold, and poking around the "Munsters" set online does feel like that sort of vicarious movie travel experience. "Total Recall" later got a remake, and Zombie is no stranger to those, having given us a hard "R" remake of John Carpenter's seminal slasher film, "Halloween." Now, he's here to give us his uncharacteristically "PG" vision of "The Munsters." It's not quite a remake, but still feels like something of one since it's adapting a beloved sitcom, which, in its own black-and-white way, parodied elements of the Universal Classics Monsters films from the 1930s and 1940s.

"The Munsters" only ran for two seasons on CBS, but it found a kind of second vampire life in syndication. After its final new episode aired in 1966, there did follow a series of films, beginning with "Munsters, Go Home," which had Grandpa racing in his customized "DRAG-U-LA" car, the inspiration for Zombie's own hit song, "Dragula." That song's chorus contains the line, "Dig through the ditches and burn through the witches." Substitute "pictures" for "witches," and you've got a good description of what Zombie has been doing with the many "Munsters" images he's posted on Instagram so far.

As Zombie brings the franchise back this year, he has jumped networks with it from CBS to the NBCUniversal streaming service, Peacock. "The Munsters" will receive a simultaneous release in theaters and on Peacock in Fall of 2022.