Stranger Things Season 4 Finale Has More FX Shots Than All Of Season 3

This post contains minor spoilers for season 4 of "Stranger Things." You have been warned.

It would appear that the creative team behind "Stranger Things" heard the phrase "go big or go home" and took that literally. It was one thing when we learned that Netflix allegedly spent $30 million per episode on the fourth season of the series, and it was another when it was made public that several episodes of season 4 would be longer than some feature films. The record-breaking doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, as the show's co-creator Matt Duffer told Empire, "The final episode has more FX shots than the entirety of season 3." 

In case y'all forgot because it was three years ago and the pandemic has melted all of our brains, season 3 of "Stranger Things" included the massive attack from the Mind Flayer and the entire battle at Starcourt mall complete with Russian gunfire. "There's an hour-long chunk in the final episode that just doesn't stop," adds co-creator and the other Duffer brother, Ross.

"It's the most complicated thing we've ever attempted to do. [It's] all tension and dread, with a run-time that would be long even for a movie. Then — well, everything goes to hell..."

Season 4 has already had its fair share of FX-heavy episodes, with episode 4 introducing an entirely new area of the Upside Down, as well as giving us our best look at the terrifying villain, Vecna. It's safe to speculate that the season finale will feature a showdown in the Upside Down with our favorite nostalgia teens fighting Vecna, and will finally give us a look at Eleven's full potential after her reunion with Owens and Brenner.

Eleven v. Vecna — FIGHT!

"Stranger Things" season 4 volume 2 won't arrive on Netflix until July 1, so viewers have plenty of time to speculate just what we can expect from the overwhelming number of VFX shots. If I were a betting woman and there was a line on this in Vegas, I'd put it all down 10-to-1 that at least an hour of the fourth season's last anticipated 4+ hours will be exclusive to Eleven and Vecna in a battle of superpowered wits. We've already learned how Eleven and Vecna connect to one another through their shared experience at the Hawkins National Laboratory, so it's just good poetic writing to have the season end with their reunion and a faceoff to save everyone.

If there's any justice in the world, we'll also get a look at the capabilities of Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Steve, Nancy, Robin, Jonathan, Argyle, Eddie, Hopper, Joyce, and maybe even Erica, as the group steps up to help Eleven and stop forcing her to act as a magic weapon.

Season 4 volume 2 hits Netflix on July 1, 2022.