Superhero Bits: New Thor: Love And Thunder Poster, Avengers Campus Is Coming To Paris & More

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In this edition of Superhero Bits:

  • The wild new "Thor: Love and Thunder" poster.

  • A new look at the big car chase in "The Batman."

  • "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" might have a Disney+ release date.

  • The "Batman: Unburied" podcast digs up a major villain.

  • All that and more!

Superman & Lois season 2 finale gets a new release date

Heads up to Arrowverse fans: There has been a little change in this season's schedule. As reported by Comic Book Resources, the upcoming "Superman & Lois" season 2 finale has been given a new release date, with the show now set to conclude its current run on June 28, 2022. It had previously been set for a June 21 release, but The CW opted for a little bit of shuffling and that resulted in the episode being pushed back a week. Plan accordingly.

Scarlet Witch from Multiverse of Madness by Hot Toys

The folks at Hot Toys have unveiled a brand new Scarlet Witch sixth-scale figure based on her appearance in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." The above Instagram post gives a good idea of how the figure is going to look, capturing Elizabeth Olsen's likeness in all of her fury. The figure is set to retail for $285 and will ship sometime between June and December of 2023. Those interested can get further details or pre-order one by clicking here.

Batman Unburied podcast brings Poison Ivy to the party

The "Batman Unburied" podcast has proven to be a pretty big hit in the early going, even unseating "The Joe Rogen Experience" on the top of Spotify's charts at one point. Now, as the series rolls right along, a new, classic villain has arrived in Gotham City in the form of Poison Ivy. Indeed, in the show's latest episodes, Emmy Raver-Lampman ("Blacklight") portrays the iconic DC Comics villain alongside Winston Duke ("Black Panther"), who stars as the Caped Crusader. Those interested in checking the show out can do so by clicking here.

Is this when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits Disney+?

What's the time? It's rumor time! As we can see in the above tweet from the folks at Pop Culture Leftovers, it appears that the official team handling Disney+ in Germany has revealed that "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" will be debuting on the streaming service on June 22, 2022. We should caution that this has not been verified by Disney, and that this is only in Germany so far. That said, the film was released around the world in theaters globally and that means the streaming debut will likely follow suit. So, at the very least, if this is accurate, it should give a rough idea of when to expect the film in the comfort of your home. But we'll surely be getting official word on that front at some point in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

George Miller hesitant to discuss projects because of Justice League: Mortal

At one point, "Mad Max: Fury Road" director George Miller was going to bring DC's most infamous super-team to the screen in a film called "Justice League: Mortal." It got very, very far along in the process, with casting all done and pre-production well underway — and then the plug was pulled. In a recent chat with Deadline, Miller discussed the hesitation he now has in discussing upcoming projects because he feels like it kind of jinxes them.

"Yeah, for me it does because it has happened several times. I've been sacked off a film — that happened with Contact and I was very enthusiastic about that. Then, we were very keen to do Justice League back around that time, and there were already photographs and publicity out, and then that fell away. I'm not saying that's what jinxed it, but I think it's just better to finish the film and offer it to audiences; to let them take on the story or not."

Here's hoping nothing jinxes the upcoming "Fury Road" prequel, "Furiosa."

Further proof that Will Poulter got jacked to play Adam Warlock

Will Poulter ("We're the Millers") has been tasked with bringing Adam Warlock to life in live-action for the first time in next summer's "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3." Well, nobody can accuse the man of not taking the job seriously. As we can see in the above photo, Poulter was recently having a bit of fun and decided to share that on his Instagram Stories. Though not necessarily his intention, we can see that he is straight-up jacked and got in superhero shape in a big, bad way to bring the character to life. Being muscle-bound isn't everything when it comes to playing a cosmic hero, but it sure doesn't hurt.

The Batman: Anatomy of the Car Chase featurette

The folks at Warner Bros. have revealed a new featurette for "The Batman" that details the insane car chase that takes place in director Matt Reeves' film. There is perhaps no set-piece within the three-hour DC Comics adaptation that warrants more discussion than this impressive chase with the Batmobile, driven by Robert Pattinson's Batman, hot on the heels of Penguin. The video provides a detailed overview of how the chase came together, with behind-the-scenes insight from the crew members who made it all possible. Check out the video in its entirety for yourself above.

Check out the new poster for Thor: Love and Thunder

We were recently treated to a brand new trailer for "Thor: Love and Thunder" which was, in a word, wild. Well, the folks at Marvel also released a new poster for the upcoming sequel which is equally wild, as we can see above. It not only includes Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder alongside Natalie Portman's Jane Foster/Mighty Thor, but we can also see, amongst many other things, Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher looming large in the background. It's a lot to take in, that much is certain.

Avengers Campus gets an opening date at Disneyland Paris

Lastly, Marvel has unveiled the above trailer that announces the release date for Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris. So, for those in Europe who have been dying to get in on the Marvel action at a theme park, mark your calendars for July 20, 2022. The expansion has been open for a little while now at the parks in the U.S., but now fans abroad will have the chance to see what all of the fuss is about. To go along with the video, Marvel also shared a little image of the cast of characters that will be present at the park, which you can check out below.