Michael B. Jordan Looked At Friday Night Lights As An Actors Playground

I never would've believed that a show about football, or any sport really, would resonate with me on the level that "Friday Night Lights" did. There is little in this world that matters to me less than sports, and yet somehow this drama revolving around a high school football team quickly became mandatory viewing for me. I cared so deeply about these characters, and by extension found myself completely invested in which team won a football game. No one was more surprised by this than I was. Maybe it's because despite all the actual football in it, the depth and drama of "Friday Night Lights" extends well beyond the field. It's about the residents of the fictional Texas town of Dillon. This also might not sound super exciting as a premise, but I was hooked from the beginning.

Inspired by the 1990 nonfiction book that had already been adapted into a 2004 film, "Friday Night Lights" aired on NBC (who later struck a deal with DirecTV) for five seasons from 2006 to 2011. The show stars Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton as Coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tami Taylor, whose marriage might be the best encapsulation of Relationship Goals ever put on television. This incredible ensemble cast also includes Minka Kelly, Taylor Kitsch, Zach Gilford, Jesse Plemons, and later, Michael B. Jordan.

Jordan's character Vince Howard debuts in season 4, in which the series undergoes a massive paradigm shift. Coach Taylor is no longer responsible for the Dillon Panthers but is instead coaching the East Dillon Lions. Joining the team winds up being Vince's last chance to turn things around, due to some trouble he's had with the law. Plenty of new characters were introduced in the show's later seasons, but Vince is definitely among the most memorable, thanks to a compelling arc and a stellar performance from Jordan.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

Michael B. Jordan landed early roles in several TV shows before a noteworthy turn as Wallace on "The Wire." He's a major star these days — who's even got a Val-Zod project in the works for HBO Max — but many were introduced to the actor thanks to his part in "Friday Night Lights." Vince Howard had one of the best character arcs across the entire series and witnessing his evolution is a highlight of those later seasons. Another aspect that's wonderful to watch is the relationship between Vince and Coach Taylor, TV's best dad.

When asked if Kyle Chandler was anything like the character he played, Jordan told HOT 97 (via JOE):

"I'm biased but he's super dope. Kyle Chandler is everything that you think he is. And Connie Britton is amazing too. The whole entire cast is really, really great people and the show itself is one big family. Peter Berg [who developed the show] has created this system that's just like an actors playground. It's incredibly liberating. Everybody that you fell in love with on the show are exactly what you expect them to be."

With a cast of such lovable, fully formed characters, it's certainly heartening to hear that the actors behind them are wonderful people, too. While the show wrapped up in a satisfying way, there has been talk on and off for years about a film continuation, which Chandler wasn't too excited about. However, those discussions have since developed into the idea of a total reboot. Producer Brian Grazer told Collider there will be a movie that's going to serve as a jumping-off point for a new TV series. Not much has been made clear aside from the fact that it will take place in a different town, which makes it seem unlikely this new iteration will have any ties to the original show. Personally, I can't imagine falling in love with a football show twice, and if this "Friday Night Lights" reboot does happen, it's got some pretty gigantic shoes to fill.