Upcoming Michael B. Jordan Movies To Keep On Your Radar

Despite the challenges of filming and producing films and shows in a pandemic, some actors, like Michael B. Jordan, have managed to stay busy. He starred in "Without Remorse" for Amazon Studios, and even played himself in a "Space Jam: A New Legacy" cameo. He also continued work on several television projects, from "Gen:Lock" and "Raising Dion," to even reprising his role of Killmonger in Marvel's "What If...?" animated series. 

But, what's next for the actor? If you're a fan of Michael B. Jordan's work, we think you're going to be excited for his upcoming slate of projects. 

A Journal for Jordan

Denzel Washington will direct Michael B. Jordan for the film "A Journal for Jordan." The film is set to be released on Christmas Day, 2021. Based on a true story, the film stars Jordan as soldier Sergeant Charles Monroe King, documenting his experiences in a journal while deployed in Iraq in the hopes to one day share it with his son. The film plays mostly as a love story between Jordan's character and that of New York Times editor Dana Canedy, exploring the couple's relationship and the trials deployment brought them just after their son's birth. Newcomer Chanté Adams will play Canedy, who was the one to advise King to keep the journal. The trailer looks promising, and we're excited to see Jordan in this sort of role, especially under Washington's direction.

Creed III

Michael B. Jordan will not only star in the third installment of the "Creed" franchise, but it will also be his first time directing a film. Sylvester Stallone's Rocky is not set to return, as the film's focus will shift to the life of Adonis beyond that of his mentor. The film's release date is currently set for November 23, 2022. 


Another Jordan film to watch out for is "Methuselah," which seems to be in a strange pre-production limbo. It was originally supposed to star Tom Cruise, but he has since exited the project. Jordan will be directed by Danny Boyle. The official plot currently has the film's story centered on a "1000-year-old man who has used his time on the planet to develop an unparalleled set of survival skills." 

The name Methuselah is a reference to the Bible character who lived to be over 900 years old. However, Variety reported in 2020 that the project may have a new angle. We're not sure if that means the film is intended to be part superhero story, part Bible epic, or if it will turn into something completely different. It seems intended to be a franchise project for Warner Brothers, so we're thinking the vibe will be Big Blockbuster.

Wrong Answer

Jordan will tackle another role based on a true story in "Wrong Answer," a project first announced in 2017 that will reteam the actor once more with director Ryan Coogler. Author Ta-Nehisi Coates is set to pen the script. Jordan will star as Damany Lewis, a math teacher who manipulated the scores of his students on standardized tests so that his school wouldn't be shuttered under the No Child Left Behind act. The film is based on the article "Wrong Answer" by Rachel Aviv, which details the choices made by educators under pressure to keep their doors open to underprivileged students. There is no current production or release date information for the film, but we're keeping an eye out for this one particular.

The Black Panther Franchise

There is also the potential for Michael B. Jordan to return to the "Black Panther" franchise at some point. Since the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, questions immediately arose about whether or not Jordan's Killmonger character would be revived in some fashion, as the role of King T'Challa will not be recast. Though there is no definitive answer at the moment, Jordan is open to the idea.

The Future for Michael B. Jordan

There's definitely an interesting mix of films ahead for Jordan that reflect his talent range as both an action star and drama actor. He's even taking on more producer roles. HBO Max has teamed up with Jordan as the executive producer of a DC Comics "Val Zod" project, which would mean attaching him to more superheroes. Jordan seems to really know what kinds of films he wants to make. They're all a healthy mix of small and large projects with a deeper substance to them.