M. Night Shyamalan's Knock At The Cabin Has Begun Filming

M. Night Shyamalan quickly became one of the great horror filmmakers of the early aughts, with bangers like "The Sixth Sense" and "Signs" showing great promise. But years before Marvel started handing out multi-million-dollar franchises to indie directors, Shyamalan started going big and making a string of bad blockbuster movies.

But Hollywood does love a comeback story, and Shyamalan has been on a welcome home tour the past few years, ever since he returned to the horror genre with "The Visit" in 2015 (no, that is not his only horror movie, no matter what he says). And after making not one, but two movies about the horrors of aging, whether it's with old people as villains or beaches that make you old, Shyamalan seems to be changing gears and setting his sights on one of horror's most beloved subgenres: cabin in the woods horror. This is to say Shyamalan's fifteenth (!) feature, "Knock at the Cabin," is now filming.

A cabin trip of horrors

The news comes from Shyamalan himself, who shared a picture from the set of "Knock At The Cabin," with the caption: "First day. First shot. Fifteenth feature! 'Knock at the Cabin.'" The image also shows what appears to be a cabin on a sound stage — or the strangest forest on the planet, both work. 

Details are quite scarce about the new film, since as with every Shyamalan project, plot details are kept under lock and key inside a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere. We do, however, know a few things. For one, it is definitely not a one-take film as previously reported, even if the thought of a cabin horror movie shot entirely in one-take sounds incredibly appealing. When it comes to casting, everyone's favorite wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista will star in the film. 

What is perhaps most exciting is the casting of Nikki Amuka-Bird, who previously co-starred in "Old," and "Servant" co-star Robert Grint. Grint is phenomenal in that show, which is criminally underseen. Now that the show is sadly ending with an upcoming season 4, it is the perfect time to binge the previous three seasons while we wait for more news on "Knock At The Cabin" to arrive. Plus, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can start speculating how every single Shyamalan project is part of the same shared universe like the bizarre Pixar theory.

"Knock At The Cabin" will be released in theaters on February 3, 2023.