A Batgirl Sequel Is Already Being Talked About

At this point, we still know rather little about the upcoming "Batgirl" live-action movie, except it is going to premiere on HBO Max and features a pretty impressive cast and crew. "In the Heights" standout performer Leslie Grace will down the cowl as Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, played by J.K. Simmons, who will finally return to the DC universe with another incredible mustache.

The most exciting casting in "Batgirl" is arguably Brendan Fraser in a villainous role, bringing one of the biggest '90s stars to the world of superheroes. Then, there's the return of Michael Keaton as Batman, one of the few instances where the word "iconic" is actually appropriate to describe his portrayal of the Caped Crusader. That the film sports a script from "Birds of Prey" screenwriter Christina Hodson and will be directed by "Bad Boys For Life" helmers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah is just icing on the bat-cake.

The "Batgirl" movie has barely wrapped filming, but in the Hollywood franchise machine, it's never too early to talk sequel plans, especially if it's a sequel to a superhero movie.

Shine the bat-sequel-light, Gordon!

We haven't actually seen any footage of "Batgirl," but that hasn't stopped the higher-ups from discussing a potential sequel. Speaking to Variety, Leslie Grace was asked about whether "Batgirl 2" was already in the cards.

"We got to see this first one first," the actor replied. "But there's definitely some talks about what it could be. I've seen some of what we've shot, obviously in the playback and stuff like that, and it's insane."

While we don't know exactly what the film will be about, we have some ideas. Based on comments from screenwriter Christina Hodson, fans can expect a version of Batgirl that is "less law-abiding" than comic readers may be familiar with. In any case, this will be an origin story for the character, and, according to Grace, there will be enough material here to continue exploring in future installments.

"We've already been talking about where do we take this from here because there's so much that happens in this film. There are a lot of different themes in the plot that we touch on. It's not just the action. There's a love story. There's this father-daughter relationship. There's looking at the world through a lens that isn't just black and white and seeing the color and the spectrum between things."

"Batgirl" doesn't have a release date yet.