Metal Lords Trailer: A Love Letter To Heavy Metal

Today we have a new trailer for the upcoming Netflix film "Metal Lords," and it's very close to my metallic little heart. This is the story of teenage misfits Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) and Kevin (Jaeden Martell), who are obsessed with heavy metal music. Their goal is to win the Battle of the Bands, and get out their metal side. The film also stars Joe Manganiello, Brett Gelman, and Isis Hainsworth. The film is rated R, so do keep that in mind. Also be aware that though this trailer is about a bunch of kids, the language is salty, including one of the big words — as they say in the trailer — that you can't say in America. 

I love this trailer so much, friends. No one knew I was into metal when I was in high school, but I was absolutely on the same page as these kids. I looked at a few moments to get a sense of what they're listening to in the trailer, and I found some nods. There's Black Sabbath, Arkham, a pic of Ozzy Osbourne, Medusa, Danzig, Hunter wears an Anthrax shirt, they're using EVH speakers, and there is a poster of Eddie Van Halen on the wall behind them. 

'You can't say that in America'

These kids at Glenwood Lake High School (home of the Vikings, which seems appropriate) are in need of a bassist, and they find one in Emily (Hainsworth), who actually plays cello (like I did — this is getting weird). It appears that Kevin is trying to recruit her, and that he has a crush. Hunter does say, "No Yokos," referring to Yoko Ono of course, so I assume he's not so happy about it. By the way, their band is called Skullf***er, with a Punisher sort of skull with a knife through his eye logo. Aw, I love these kids very much. Also, the license plate on their Dodge is PWRSLVE. There are little metal hearts in my eyes right now. Here is the official synopsis:

Two kids start a metal band in a high school where exactly two kids care about metal. They can't find a bassist, but there is this one girl who plays the cello. They need to work together if they're ever going to win the Battle of the Bands.

This one comes to us from director Peter Sollett ("Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist"), writer D.B. Weiss ("Game of Thrones") and executive music producer Tom Morello. "Metal Lords" will debut on Netflix on April 8, 2022.