Metal Lords First Look: Game Of Thrones Co-Creator Takes On Rock Music

This feels like a clickbait title, but you'll never guess what former "Game of Thrones" showrunner D.B. Weiss is doing next. I say that, because instead of returning to Westeros to work on the suite of "Game of Thrones" prequels that will soon be unleashed upon the world, he's joined up with Netflix to create a high school heavy metal movie called "Metal Lords." Sure, there might be face paint, long hair, and songs about dragons, but it's hard to imagine a project that's further from the sprawling epic that was "Game of Thrones." Still, Netflix has released some promo shots from the film, and they do look hardcore in a sweet way.

"Metal Lords" tells the story of metal aficionado Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) and his best friend Kevin (Jaeden Martell), who start a heavy metal band in a school where being in a heavy metal band actually makes you less popular than you were before you started the heavy metal band (funny how that works). After scouring their classmates for a bassist to complete their three piece, they bring the cello player Emily (Isis Hainsworth) into the mix and start working together to take on the Battle of the Bands. Also it sounds like their band name is Skullf***er, which is fun.

Bang your head

Weiss, who has written the film and is working as a producer alongside Greg Shapiro, revealed to EW that he planned to make "Metal Lords" with Shapiro way back in 2010. The project was put on hold when Weiss teamed up with David Benioff to work on "Game of Thrones," and the rest is TV history. For this second attempt, Peter Sollett, who previously directed teen-themed movies like "Raising Victor Vargas" and "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," will direct. I imagine that working on something that feels a little more low stakes probably felt like taking a vacation after being stuck in the world of Westeros for a few years, and it's interesting to hear that this is a project that has been on Weiss' mind for quite a bit.

In the same EW interview, Weiss spoke very fondly of his young cast, and how different it has felt to get back to working on more realistic stories after mentally living in Westeros for so long. As Weiss explained it, "The more grounded something is, the more it is just about the human beings at the center of it ... They really held down that part of the movie in a way that was insanely impressive to me."

"Metal Lords" will be head banging its way onto Netflix on April 8, 2022, which gives you plenty of time to prep for all of the metal references that will inevitably be coming your way.