Joe Manganiello Teases AMC's 'Moonhaven' And Mysterious 'Dungeons & Dragons' Project

Funko — the company that creates those large-headed figurines you've no doubt seen if you've attended any pop culture convention recently — is holding their own con this year, a virtual and in-person event appropriately titled FunKon.

To kick things off, the company held a press event yesterday at Funko Hollywood, and /Film was among those invited to check out the exclusive Funko products firsthand. We also got to hear Funko CEO Brian Mariotti talk with True Blood star and Dungeons & Dragons super-fan, Joe Manganiello.

Read on to hear what Manganiello had to say about his upcoming AMC show Moonhaven, as well as potential future collaborations with Wizards of the Coast, the company that releases Dungeons & Dragons.

Manganiello + D&D = Potential New Project?

Joe Manganiello is known to host a popular and exclusive Dungeons & Dragons group that includes noteworthy Hollywood figures, like Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. Manganiello's character from that game — Arkhan the Cruel — has since become part of Dungeons & Dragons canon in Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus.

And while Manganiello couldn't get into details, he hinted at Funko Hollywood that there would potentially be more Dungeons & Dragons collaborations in his future. "There is something in the works right now that would take all of my attention and time," he shared.

Humans Gonna Human, Even on the Moon

Manganiello also shared some details about being part of AMC's new sci-fi show, Moonhaven. We don't know too much about the show so far, beyond it primarily taking place on a moon colony where things go sideways. During his conversation with Mariotti, Manganiello provided some more details on the show:

"Without giving too much away, it's about 100 years in the future. And the Earth has run out of resources. Everyone is still wearing masks but they're all starving. And so they decide to colonize the moon. They start this utopian colony, kind of like in a kibbutz if you have a child, you hand the child off and raise someone else's child in order to try to solve tribalism, racism, war. But then there's a murder. And all of a sudden sweater string gets pulled, and everything starts unraveling. And you realize that even on this utopian colony, humans can't get away from themselves. Humans are going to humans no matter where they are. And so this great mystery and conspiracy unfolds from that. It's really cool, really high concept."

There's no news yet on when Moonhaven will premiere on AMC.

FunKon Exclusives

It wouldn't be a FunKon without talking about Funko figurines. The event showcased several exclusives that fans can buy...or at least try to buy, given their limited availability.

Some FunKon products include POP figurines of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joseph Russo, a jumbo figurine of Marvel's Galactus and "Capwolf," a figurine of Captain American as a wolf, because why not. If characters from old fast food commercials are more your speed, there's also the McDonald's Band Master Nugget that can be yours for $11.

FunKon is a virtual and in-person convention that runs August 4 through 6. The in-person events are sold out, but you can learn more about the virtual stuff here.