Randall Park Joins Universal's Strays, From The Director Of Barb And Star Go To Vista Del Mar

Randall Park has joined the furry cast of "Strays," the upcoming comedy in which Will Ferrell voices a talking dog abandoned by his owner and bent on revenge. There's no word yet on the nature of Park's role, but the cast of "Strays" already includes Jamie Foxx as the voice of a fellow canine and Will Forte as the human owner who becomes the target of revenge for the Ferrell dog and his canine cohorts. "Strays" will be a hybrid of live-action and CGI, and it marks the sophomore feature of director Josh Greenbaum, who previously helmed "Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar."

Just last year, Park voiced a role in "PAW Patrol: The Movie," a computer-animated film that also featured talking dogs. In that movie, he played a security guard who discriminated against dogs, barring them from mayoral press conferences in favor of cats. Perhaps Park wants to make restitution to the canine community, and that's why he's signed on for "Strays" (via THR). Or it's possible he's actually going to double down and play a character who is even more anti-dog.

Whatever the case, Park, who is known for his role in "Fresh Off the Boat," is also fresh off another hybrid project, the scripted/unscripted series "True Story with Ed and Randall," which he co-hosts with Ed Helms and which is currently streaming on Peacock. He's also one of an increasing number of actors who have been pulling double duty in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe. For Marvel, he appeared in "Ant-Man and the Wasp" and "WandaVision," and for DC, he appeared in "Aquaman" and will return in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" this coming December.

Strays has a release date now!

As we previously reported, "Strays" counts such names as Louis Leterrier ("Now You See Me," "The Incredible Hulk") and Phil Lord and Chris Miller ("The Lego Movie," "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs") among its producers. The script is written by Dan Perrault, who co-created the Netflix true-crime mockumentary, "American Vandal."

Park has also lined up a starring role in a new Netflix comedy series called "Blockbuster," which is currently in production and which is set in America's last Blockbuster Video store. Later this month, you'll be able to hear him doing more voice work with the Hormone Monsters and Shame Wizards in Netflix's "Big Mouth" spin-off, "Human Resources."

Mark your calendars: "Strays" has now locked in a release date of June 9, 2023.