The National Treasure TV Series Has Begun Filming

Pull out your mini copy of the Declaration of Independence and get your invisible ink ready, because Disney's "National Treasure" TV spin-off has officially begun filming. The series will be heading straight to the streaming behemoth that is Disney+ as soon as it's ready for human consumption, and I personally can't wait to see if this leads to a weird "National Treasure" renaissance. 

Will kids start talking about Free Masons? Will teens try steeping paper in tea and tearing the edges to they can make vintage-looking scrolls? Will invisible ink become a hot commodity? Will historians lose their minds over the historical inaccuracies the same way Neil deGrasse Tyson gets mad about every movie? Only time can tell, but still, it's fun to speculate wildly. 

The news comes straight from our most reliable source, Instagram, where actress Lisette Alexís Gutiérrez posted a sweet carousel from the steps of her trailer with the caption, "here we go!!!!!!" Gutiérrez was announced as the lead back in October 2021, which wasn't that long ago, so it's nice to see that things are coming together quickly and that "National Treasure" is chugging along. In an industry where so many shows and movies can fall through the cracks and never see the light of day, it seems like Disney is really going to make sure this one doesn't slip into the hands of an Illuminati agent.

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While there isn't much information about what this TV show is going to look like, the brief synopsis we do have clarifies that the show follows a DREAMer named Jess (played by Gutiérrez) who hops into an adventure inspired by her mysterious family and some Pan-American treasure. On top of that, a whole host of actors from the "National Treasure" movies are involved with this production, and Catherine Zeta-Jones has recently been added to the cast as a billionaire named Billie (an inspired choice), so it does feel like Disney is putting some money and some care into this offshoot.

Still, the one thing that hasn't been confirmed is whether or not the man, the myth, the legend Nicolas Cage will make an appearance. Considering his weirdly charismatic know-it-all role is the lifeblood of the movies, it would be delight to see him pop up in this adventure. I'm torn between wanting that info to get confirmed/leaked or having it stay completely under wraps so that I never get my hopes up and can then be surprised by his appearance. A "National Treasure" within a "National Treasure," you could say.