Nobody Star Bob Odenkirk Says 'Signs Point To Yes' For A Sequel

With "Better Call Saul" gearing up to air the two parts of its final season, viewers don't have much time left to spend with Bob Odenkirk's character on that show. However, outside the role of Slippin' Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman, Odenkirk has made a name for himself as of late as a Nobody. Not nobody, but the star of "Nobody."

Improbable as it might seem, Odenkirk's "Nobody" character, Hutch Mansell, can hold his own in a bus fight just as well as Shang-Chi. Sure, he might get thrown out the window by a Russian crime lord's brother and his droogs, but Hutch will charge right back onto that bus and continue beating the living daylights out of them. He's not as graceful as Shang-Chi, but he gets the job done.

Written by "John Wick" creator Derek Kolstad, "Nobody" was the surprise action-dad hit of 2021. Inquiring minds want to know if there's a sequel on deck, and Odenkirk is here to address that in a new issue of Empire magazine. (Yes, my fellow Luddites, though Entertainment Weekly may have ceased print publication last week, they still make magazines some places, at least in the U.K.)

Here's what Odenkirk has to say on the prospect of a "Nobody" sequel:

"We are working on making that happen. Universal has been very upbeat and welcoming. Derek and I have talked story. It's not a sure thing yet, but we're working on it. I think the signs point to yes."

Don't You Want Nobody to Love?

"Nobody" director Ilya Naishuller confirmed last summer that a sequel script was in development, though as we previously reported, it had not been greenlit yet. At the time, Naishuller said, "There's plenty of stories that can be told in this world, with the character Hutch. I know that [writer Kolstad] has begun work on the sequel." He also suggested that the sequel would give Connie Nielsen more to do than just play Hutch's wife.

It sounds like "Nobody 2" (working title: "Somebody?") still hasn't been officially greenlit yet, though Odenkirk seems optimistic. The actor survived a heart attack on the set of "Better Call Saul," and to date, "Nobody" has raked in $55 million on a $16 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo. So maybe he has good reason to be optimistic.

What are you waiting for Universal? Give the man a sequel!

You can read more in the April 2022 issue of Empire, which hits shelves (yes, they still have those, too) on February 17, 2022.