Better Call Saul's Final Season Has A Premiere Date

The continued misadventures of ace attorney Jimmy McGill are finally coming to an end. "Better Call Saul," the "Breaking Bad" spin-off series starring Bob Odenkirk, will premiere its sixth and final season on April 18, 2022 on AMC. The series will be broken up into two parts with a six-week break between them, with the second half of the season picking up on July 11, 2022, and the series finale will premiere in August. "Better Call Saul" was delayed first by the pandemic, then took a brief break during shooting its sixth season when Odenkirk suffered a heart attack on-set. He returned six weeks later, and now we're finally going to get to see what happens to Albuquerque's favorite shady lawyer. 

This is the End for Jimmy

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the prequel series will premiere on AMC on April 18, 2022, almost two years to the day since the finale of season 5 aired in 2020. The premiere date was part of a series of announcements made during a Television Critics Association session. Eagle-eyed, puzzle-solving fans figured out the premiere date earlier than most, determining it from a teaser posted on the "Better Call Saul" Twitter account. In the teaser, the Salamanca cousins stroll their steel-toed cowboy boots onto a crime scene, where the letters D and R show up as crime scene markers. Fans put together the date (D is the 4th letter in the alphabet, R is the 18th), picking up on the clever clue. 

Co-creator and showrunner Peter Gould shared his excitement in a statement: 

"In my eyes, this is our most ambitious, surprising and, yes, heartbreaking season. Even under incredibly challenging circumstances, the whole Saul team — writers, cast, producers, directors and crew — have outdone themselves. I couldn't be more excited to share what we've accomplished together."

By the time the season ends, Jimmy McGill will be the Saul Goodman we knew and loved from "Breaking Bad," his journey from down-on-his-luck decent guy to corrupt-but-successful illegal eagle complete. We should also hopefully find out what happens to Jimmy's other alter-ego, a Cinnabon manager in Omaha, Nebraska, whom Jimmy pretends to be after the events of "Breaking Bad." In a way, "Better Call Saul" is both a prequel and a sequel, giving us greater insight into at least one character from the world of "Breaking Bad." 

"Better Call Saul" returns for its sixth and final season on April 18, 2022 on AMC.