The White Lotus Season 2 Expands Its Cast For Another Terrible Vacation

Ain't no party like a "White Lotus" party, 'cuz a "White Lotus" party don't stop ... until someone dies and everyone flies home and pretends their lives aren't in shambles. Season 2 of the hit HBO series is on the way, and the casting announcements keep getting better and better. The first announcement came with the promise of a Jennifer Coolidge return, although it's not yet been confirmed if she's reprising her role as emotionally distraught socialite Tanya McQuoid, or if showrunner Mike White is creating an entirely new character for her to play. After all, the second season is taking place at a different White Lotus resort in Sicily –not the one in Hawaii from season 1 that gave us the gift of Murray Bartlett's Armond normalizing tossing salads in private offices.

Italian-American icon Michael Imperioli will be joined by F. Murray Abraham and Adam DiMarco, the trio already announced as three generations of the Di Grasso family. Tom Hollander is also set to star as an English expat named Quentin and Haley Lu Richardson is playing Portia, a young woman traveling with her boss. 

One of the most exciting new additions was Aubrey Plaza, who is playing a woman named Harper traveling with her husband and his friends. Well, we can finally put the pieces together of Plaza's character because Will Sharpe of "Defending the Guilty" fame has been cast as her husband, while Theo James ("Golden Boy," "Sanditon") and Meghann Fahy ("The Bold Type") are playing Cameron and Daphne Babcock, who are friends of Sharpe's character. Up-and-comer Leo Woodall ("Cherry") was also announced as a character named Jack, described as "a magnetic guest."

More Situations I Hope to See with The Cast in Season 2

Did you think I was done wildly speculating ridiculous plot theories for "The White Lotus" season 2? Don't worry baby birds, mama is here to feed you the fan fiction goods. I've already predicted that I hope Aubrey Plaza's Harper kills at least one man and I can't wait for the guaranteed unapologetically Italian drama of the Di Grasso family, but now that we've got some fresh blood on the call sheet, I think we can expand some of these theories.

  • I hope Harper finds out her husband is polyamorous, having been dating the Babcocks for years, and he chose to tell her at a beautiful resort thinking that she wouldn't freak out. (Spoiler alert, he was wrong.)
  • Leo Woodall is stepping in as the Lukas Gage character of the series. No word on if he also gets a salad tossing, but Haley Lu Richardson's Portia is going to be really, really interested in him.
  • Jennifer Coolidge is going to return as Tanya, and she's going to start screwing the Di Grasso patriarch. F. Murray Abraham is going to drop dead mid-thrust, so she leaves his body and tells no one, exclusively crying only to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Tom Hollander's Quentin and Will Sharpe's Ethan are going to become friends because they're both British, much to the chagrin of everyone who has to interact with them.