The White Lotus Season 2 Cast Just Got Bigger, Adding F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hollander, Haley Lu Richardson And More

HBO is truly pulling no punches when it comes to the casting for season 2 of "The White Lotus." After the rumor mill began teasing the return of season 1 star Jennifer Coolidge, we first got wind that "The Sopranos" star Michael Imperioli was set to star, with the Internet's biggest crush Aubrey Plaza joining alongside them. Now, we've learned that four additional cast members have been named, and they're all helping shape up what looks to be an unbelievably great cast. F. Murray Abraham ("Amadeus," "Mythic Quest"), Tom Hollander ("The Night Manager," "Pirates of the Caribbean" series), Adam DiMarco ("The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," "The Magicians") and Haley Lu Richardson ("Split," "The Edge of Seventeen") were announced today, joining the adventures at one of the location-to-be-determined White Lotus resorts.

We also know that F. Murray Abraham is going to play Bert Di Grasso, the elderly father of Michael Imperioli's character, with Adam DiMarco playing Imperioli's son. This means my hopes of getting some good ol' Italian patriarchal drama is all but guaranteed. Hollander is playing a character named Quentin, an English expat vacationing with his friends and nephew, so he doesn't seem to be connected to Plaza's character, nor does Richardson's Portia, a young woman traveling with her boss. All six of the confirmed casting announcements (excluding Coolidge who has yet to be officially confirmed by HBO) have been confirmed to be series regulars.

Situations I Hope to See with The Cast in Season 2

I fantasy booked Imperioli and Plaza's casting announcements, and I'm not going to stop just because I have FOUR new characters to place in Mike White's satirical world of luxury and drama. We've got the Italian trio figured out, so all of those previous predictions still stand, they're just now a lot easier to visualize. As far as our newbies are concerned, I hope they're ready, because my imagination is going to be running wild on you, brother!

  • With Quentin being an English expat, I expect him to be the absolute talk of the resort due to his accent.
  • If Jennifer Coolidge shows up and doesn't try to swoon all over him in at least three episodes, there's been a mistake.
  • Knowing Quentin is on vacation with his friends and nephew is an interesting equation, and I have a feeling the nephew wasn't originally supposed to be attending this trip. I've got my fingers crossed for either a new guardianship role following a familial death that comes to blows, or a messy teen who befriends Adam DiMarco's character in their quest to fall in love with Aubrey Plaza who wants nothing to do with them.
  • Haley Lu Richardson's Portia is vacationing with her boss, which could go in a multitude of directions. Is she an assistant who won't actually get to vacation and eventually explodes and kills them? Is she secretly about to quit but held out on telling them because she wanted to go on vacation? Is she a sugar baby? Honestly, I'm down with whatever storyline they give her because I love Richardson and she can do whatever she wants, forever.
  • I hope she kills them. I know I also said I wanted Aubrey Plaza to kill someone, but honestly, I just want more women killing rich jerks in a fancy hotel.