Rabbit Hole: Everything We Know So Far

I fell in love with the maniac version of Kiefer Sutherland in the seminal vampire flick "The Lost Boys" and now I'm cursed to be mildly interested in his projects for the rest of my life! Kiefer, when will you stop with the procedural dramas and go back to the hot goth genre you were made for? Apparently, the answer to that entirely rhetorical question is "not anytime soon," because Sutherland's latest role has way more in common with Jack Bauer from "24" than it does with the platinum blonde David. Still, if you're looking for a spy series to watch while the existential dread hits, "Rabbit Hole" will probably do the trick.

Where You'll Be Able to Watch Rabbit Hole

I hope you've got your own login (or the wherewithal to con someone into sharing their password) because "Rabbit Hole" is coming to Paramount+, the streaming service that is largely fueled by the popularity of "Yellowstone" and new "Star Trek" shows. Maybe those TV execs are crossing their fingers and hoping that "Rabbit Hole" will be the second feather in their cap, but until it hits, we can only speculate while we stare at our credit card statements and bargain with ourselves over which subscription services will make the cut. 

Also, it won't hit until the fall of 2022 (which doesn't mean anything until we get a solid date), so you've got plenty of time to decide whether this will be the show that brings you into the Paramount+ family. Or cult. It's whatever you want it to be.

What We Think Rabbit Hole Will Be About

I think it will probably be about Sutherland playing a logical, straight and narrow type that will do what he needs to do to get things done, but maybe I'll be surprised! Honestly, the official synopsis is just vague enough that it could almost be about anything:

The series finds private espionage operative James Weir (Sutherland) in the midst of a battle over the preservation of democracy in a world at odds with misinformation, behavioral manipulation, the surveillance state and the interests that control these extraordinary powers.

I mean, aren't we all personally finding ourselves at odds with misinformation and the surveillance state everyday? Isn't that most of the Internet and all of social media is? Hopefully this has more cool-looking spy weapons and sick lasers. Or at the very least, Sutherland taking the Bond approach and drinking chilled cocktails in a sick suit. I could get behind that.

What We Know About Rabbit Hole's Cast and Crew

We don't have a whole lot of information about the cast of "Rabbit Hole," except Sutherland's starring role of course, but we do know this eight episode series is the brainchild of John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, who have worked together on the TV hit "This Is Us" and the upcoming series "WeCrashed." All three of the big names will be executive producing, alongside Charlie Gogolak, Suzan Bymel and Hunt Baldwin. Besides that, the show's cast and crew list is as opaque as a spy's job description.