The Batman Fan Screening Will Let You Visit Gotham A Bit Earlier

Great news for Bat-fans impatiently awaiting the release of Matt Reeves' "The Batman," because Fandango is about to be offering special fan-only IMAX screenings three days before "The Batman" hits theaters worldwide. The highly-anticipated release of the nearly three-hour-long Batflick is due out on March 4, 2022, after several pandemic-related delays, and audiences are downright thirsting for Reeves' new take on the caped crusader. Tickets for "DC Presents: 'The Batman' Fan First Premieres Exclusively in IMAX" will go on sale tomorrow, February 8, 2022, available through Fandango.

The availability of a fan screening is a good sign that "The Batman" rules as hard as we all hope it does, because anyone who attends the preview screening is surely going to be talking about it the second they turn their phones back on and start Tweeting their thoughts. It seems like Warner Bros. believes in "The Batman" enough to start the fan feedback conversation early, likely banking on positive word-of-mouth to get superhero fan butts in seats when the film is available in more theaters a few days later. 

Between the cartoonishly silly "Batman" television series with Adam West to Zack Snyder's superhero fantasy epic "Justice League," the world's greatest detective comes in many forms, and Robert Pattinson's interpretation looks like a welcome addition.

Give Me Moody Batman, Now!

Save for the detractors who are incapable of realizing Robert Pattinson has done a lot more than his role in "Twilight," audiences seem pretty psyched for this new, traumatized, moody version of the Dark Knight. Pattinson has described the character as "a freak" engaging in "bad self-therapy," but not focused on the done-to-death origin story of a young Bruce Wayne witnessing his parents being murdered in front of him. Instead, Reeves is focusing on Batman's psychological struggles as a result of his response to his childhood trauma, AKA, becoming "The Batman."

Batman has always been effortlessly cool, but unlike most of his superhero counterparts, he's always stood out for remaining human. As cool as it is to highlight that Batman doesn't have superhuman strength or special powers, it's equally as cool to remember that at the end of the day, Batman is still Bruce Wayne, and a very tortured human exists beneath the mask and eye makeup. It's an angle that has yet to be fully explored, and all the more reason why fans who feel safe enough to do so may want to scoop up those preview IMAX tickets when they hit sales tomorrow.