The Flash Star Grant Gustin Nears One-Year Deal, Opening Door For Season 9

Despite reports of a potential sale of The CW, the Arrowverse is still trucking along. The network announced recently that the long-running, interconnected DC Comics-based universe would be expanding, thanks to a brand new show starring David Ramsey called "Justice U." 

After appearing in the franchise's flagship series "Arrow" for eight seasons and guest-starring on other shows such as "Legends of Tomorrow" and "Supergirl," Ramsey's John Diggle (aka Spartan) finally gets to helm his own show. And even though an air of uncertainty looms in the background for the house that Greg Berlanti built, the fleet looks as though it will stay afloat for now as "The Flash" gets some big news in the contract renewal department.

Back In A Flash

According to TVLine, Grant Gustin is on track to sign a new deal for "The Flash." The current contract for the actor, who portrays the titular Scarlet Speedster, expires at the end of the show's eighth and current season, which kicked off with the massive "Armageddon" five-episode event in November 2021. But with the new arrangement, he would return for one more season.

Back in 2020, Gustin was discussing a contract extension that would have locked him in for season nine already, but — as it did for many around the world — the ongoing pandemic threw a wrench in those plans. Meanwhile, fellow cast members Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabaker got their new deals signed last year, but it's uncertain whether they included plans for "The Flash" season 9. And as for the other original cast members Carlos Valdes (who plays Cisco Ramon, aka Vibe) and Tom Cavanagh (aka Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash/various other versions of Wells from across the multiverse), they took a step back from Team Flash at the end of season 7. While Cavanagh is a guest star in season 8, Valdes has not popped up again as of yet.

The report also insinuates that "The Flash" may be ending with season 9. There's been no word on whether that's actually the case, but it's already the longest-running Arrowverse show currently on the air. The title previously belonged to "Arrow," which ran for eight seasons before hanging up the bow and quiver. Next in line would be "Legends of Tomorrow," which is currently in its seventh season.

Runnin' Home To You

Honestly, if "The Flash" ends with season 9, I'd be okay with it. The show has had a good run and you can only do so much with speed-based villains. And like "Arrow" before it, some of the later seasons of "The Flash" do kinda drag a bit. That being said, Flash and his cast of friends and foes have always kept things fun, and "Crisis On Infinite Earths" was the best live-action superhero crossover until "Spider-Man: No Way Home" came out. Even then, they're neck and neck. 

With hypothetically a season and a half worth of episodes left, we could wrap up Barry Allen's story pretty nicely and set up Sara Lance and the Legends to lead the charge as the new flagship. Or "Batwoman." Or "Naomi." Or the upcoming "Gotham Knights." As long as they don't hand the reigns over to "Titans," I think the Arrowverse will still be in good shape after the two heroes that started it all walk off into the sunset.