Arrowverse Star David Ramsey Will Headline New Justice U Series For The CW

Despite all the uncertainty surrounding the potential sale of The CW and the future of the Arrowverse if/when that sale takes place, the network is still continuing to develop shows in the universe created by Greg Berlanti & company that are based on characters from DC Comics. 

Currently, this slate of programming includes "The Flash," "Legends of Tomorrow," "Batwoman," and "Superman & Lois." Technically, "Stargirl" and "Naomi" are included as well, though they haven't officially crossed over with the main Arrowverse shows yet. But the latest series in development featuring Arrowverse OG David Ramsey will definitely fall under that banner

Spartan Goes Back To School

Fans have been clamoring for John Diggle to become a Green Lantern for years. Once Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim got involved in Seth Grahame-Smith's Green Lantern Corps series at HBO Max, many assumed that Ramsey's John Diggle would factor into that show, especially after what transpired for the character in his final moments in the series finale of "Arrow." However, Oliver Queen's former bodyguard has continued to pop up in Arrowverse shows since that last episode aired in 2020 with no reference to a green ring or a lantern or space cops. And now, The CW has announced another project for Dig that may further keep him from joining the ranks of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Alan Scott, and beyond.

According to Variety, Ramsey will headline "Justice U," a new superhero drama where Diggle recruits five young metahumans to go undercover as freshmen at a prestigious university. As the students get an academic education, they'll also learn to become the heroes of tomorrow under the tutelage of the legendary hero Spartan. It's currently unclear which young heroes will be included in the show, but the report notes that Ramsey will direct the "Justice U" pilot and continue to guest star in and direct various episodes of other Arrowverse shows as part of his new deal.

This new show shares vibes with "Arrow" season 5, which featured Team Arrow taking on a new crop of vigilantes including Wild Dog, Mister Terrific, Artemis, Ragman, and a new Black Canary to join their war on crime. Considering that they may not match the age requirement for this missions, I doubt that Diggle will call on some of his old allies for this new gig. However, despite her mission to find her brother William, I could see Mia Queen joining the cast of "Justice U." After all, her own spinoff never materialized as planned and there would be something poetic about John Diggle and the Green Arrow teaming up again.

No matter who Ramsey and the creative team decide to bring in for the new series, let's just hope that they manage to find a happy medium between DC's other young hero shows, "Stargirl" and "Titans." Please give us a DC show where (unlike "Titans") the young superheroes actually get to be superheroes in their costumes together as a team without excessively brooding or constantly fighting with each other, while (unlike "Stargirl") refraining from falling into typical annoying young character tropes of being whiny or bratty when they don't get their way. Of course, time will tell whether any of that actually comes to fruition, but if The CW doesn't shutter its doors before this show comes together, it could be a lot of fun.