You Can Watch The First 10 Minutes Of The Matrix: Resurrections Right Now

If you wanted to check out "The Matrix Resurrections" but didn't get a chance when it was on HBO Max, now you can! Warner Brothers has put the first 10 minutes of the movie on YouTube, for free, in anticipation of the film releasing on digital on January 25, 2022. You can now rent or own the movie digitally, but with a $24.99 rental cost, it's understandable that some folks might be hesitant. The first 10 minutes aren't a perfect indicator of a film's quality, but it should help viewers figure out if they want to take the plunge and watch the whole thing. You can watch the movie's introduction below, and decide just how far down this rabbit hole you're willing to go.

Introducing the New Morpheus

The opening sequence of "The Matrix Resurrections" introduces us to the sequel's version of Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who is a computer program with all of the memories of the former resistance leader. He's being broken out of a modal, or a simulation used to evolve programs and help them break free of their conditioning. We're also introduced to Jessica Henwick's character Bugs, a human freedom fighter who wants to try to rescue Neo (Keanu Reeves) from the machines. We also see Neo for the first time in a flashback, with Bugs explaining that she once saw him step off of a building and disappear, long before she took the red pill and "woke up" from the Matrix. Seeing Neo was what started her on a path towards enlightenment, and now she hopes to repay the favor. 

"The Matrix Resurrections" is the fourth film in the Matrix franchise, and serves as a sequel to "The Matrix Revolutions," which came out in 2003. It's been nearly 20 years since we last saw a Matrix film, and the new one is a pretty radical direction for the material. It's a bold meta-sequel with loads of bright light and color, a stark contrast to the black and green tones of the original trilogy. It was mostly appreciated by critics, who found the bold take on an old formula refreshing. That much change can be a little scary though, so this 10 minute peek into "The Matrix Resurrections" should help you decide whether or not it's going to be your cup of tea. If not, the first three movies will always be there.

"The Matrix Resurrections" is available to rent for $24.99 for 48 hours or purchase digitally for $29.99, and will be available on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on March 8, 2022.