Stranger Things Retro Cassette Player Has A Secret Sneak Peek At Season 4

It's been more than two years since "Stranger Things" aired its third season, but season 4 is finally on the way. In a super fun marketing and merchandising tie-in, you can now get a Walmart limited edition "Stranger Things" branded Crosley audio cassette player to listen to music the same way the kids in Hawkins did: in analog! The tape player comes with a cassette that reveals new content from season 4.

Go Back in Time with Tunes on Tape

The Walmart Exclusive Crosley cassette player bundle comes with a tape that comes with a secret voicemail left by a "mysterious figure" from season 4. (Our guess? It's probably Robert Englund's Victor Creel.) The neon blue player is fully operational, with a tape deck, AM/FM radio, tape recording, and bluetooth functionality, if you want to get digital with it. The bundle also comes with eight vinyl stickers based on the show, including a "Friends Don't Lie" sticker in the "Stranger Things" font, a Starcourt Malls sticker, and Dustin's hat. 

You can pre-order the cassette player on the Walmart website now for S64.88. It is expected to go on sale Friday, November 19, 2021. 

Retro audio formats are having a fun little renaissance, in part because people are realizing that they like being able to see and hold their media collections. While vinyl is the current hipster format du jour, with big releases like "The Suicide Squad" Mondo soundtrack or the Bo Burnham "Inside" record, cassette tapes are also having a little bit of a comeback. They're much cheaper to produce and purchase than records, and storage is a lot easier. This "Stranger Things" cassette player could be the perfect way to start your own collection.

Get Ready to Dive Back into the Upside Down

While we don't know exactly what's on that cassette tape, we do know some things about what's coming in "Stranger Things" fourth season. We know that season 4 will be more "epic and cinematic" in scope, according to producer and director Shawn Levy. Hopper is alive and somewhere in the frozen tundra of Russia, and we're going to find out what the heck was up with those boxes in his cellar. We also know there's a pretty good chance of a spin-off series, though details are still unknown. 

The full cast will return for season 4, including Millie Bobbie Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, David Harbour, Winona Ryder, and Natalia Dyer. Newcomers to the cast include Englund, Jamie Campbell Bower, Joseph Quinn, Sherman Augustus, Tom Wlaschiha, Mason Dye, and Nikola Djuricko.

You can pre-order your cassette player now, and expect "Stranger Things" season 4 sometime in 2022.