'The Menu' Will Pair Nicholas Hoult With Anya Taylor-Joy For A Shocking Dining Experience

Today, in casting news that seems tailored specifically for me, Nicholas Hoult is joining Anya Taylor-Joy for a new movie from some of the folks behind HBO's Succession. The movie, The Menu, is a dark comedy thriller about a shocking dining experience. Be still, my creepy heart.

A Comedy of Culinary Curiousities

According to Collider, the new movie from Searchlight pictures will be directed by Succession executive producer Mark Mylod, from a screenplay written by Will Tracey and Seth Reiss. Tracey wrote the tense but also hilarious "Tern Haven" episode of Succession, while Reiss is a writer on Late Night with Seth Myers. Succession producer Adam McKay will also produce, along with Betsy Koch from their studio, Hyperobject Industries. It's a dark comedy superstar team, with a planned cast to match. Hoult is comedic perfection on Hulu's The Great, and Taylor-Joy has the range to do whatever she wants.

The Menu follows a young couple (presumably Hoult and Taylor-Joy), who travel to a remote island and go out to eat at an exclusive restaurant. On the lavish menu, they discover that the chef has some shocking culinary surprises in store. Whether those surprises are of the cannibal variety or are something even weirder is yet to be seen, but I'm sold.

A Growing Ensemble Cast

Emma Stone was originally cast in Taylor-Joy's role but was replaced in JuneRalph Fiennes (above) will portray the acclaimed chef who created the unusual menu, and Hong Chau has been cast in an unknown role. Fiennes is best known for portraying Voldemort in the Harry Potter film series, but he's played a number of interesting villains over the years. Chau is best known for her supporting role in Downsizing. The cast is expected to grow in the coming days, as the script also features an ensemble of additional dinner guests. I'm hoping for Mads Mikkelsen, but would love to see any star who is willing to goof on themselves a bit take a swing.

Hoult is set to star in the sci-fi comedy Alpha Gang, as well as a second season of The Great on Hulu. He also recently starred in Taylor Sheridan's action thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead with Angelina Jolie. Taylor-Joy has been busy as well, hosting the season finale of Saturday Night Live, starring in Edgar Wright's psychological horror-thriller Last Night in Soho, and getting an Emmy nomination for The Queen's Gambit.

The Menu should head into production soon, which is good, because I'm starving for it already.