Scream 7 Wants To Know If Happy Death Day Director Likes Scary Movies

No "Scream" movie would be complete without a shocking twist or two, so here's one for you: "Scream 7" is undergoing a bit of a creative shakeup behind the scenes. After guiding the 2022 sequel "Scream" and its follow-up "Scream 6" to immense box office success, the directing duo known as Radio Silence (aka Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the horror-ific minds behind "Ready or Not") reportedly won't return for the next installment in the Ghostface-killer franchise. Instead, the filmmaker behind another brutally fun horror series may soon be stepping behind the wheel.

According to Bloody Disgusting, "Happy Death Day" director Christopher Landon is "in talks" to take over directing duties on "Scream 7." This confirms prior reporting that Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett would likely find themselves too busy to come back to the series they helped revitalize, having found their next major production in the form of a Universal monster movie. With their time spoken for, Paramount has had to move ahead and search for their replacement. If this development turns out to be true, and Landon does join "Scream 7" (which hasn't officially been confirmed just yet, mind you, but is assuredly a safe bet after the performance of "Scream 6"), this will mark one of the most exciting additions to the franchise.

Fans of the "Happy Death Day" movies know just how talented and inventive Landon has proven himself to be, taking the admittedly overdone concept of "Groundhog Day" and infusing it with a gleefully stabby twist. Read on for more details!

Christopher Landon in talks to get his Scream on

A masked killer hounding the steps of college students and carving a bloody path through his unfortunate victims until the final girl can put a stop to it? Now where have we seen that before!

"Happy Death Day" director Christopher Landon certainly has experience with this very specific horror premise, giving actor Jessica Rothe the star-making turn she deserved and leaving fans wanting for even more "Death Day" mayhem with a third film that, sadly, appears to be dead in the water. But Universal's loss could be Paramount's gain, as Landon feels like a natural choice to step in and take the helm on the next "Scream" movie. For his part, Landon seems to be stealthily confirming the news by posting a picture of Ghostface with this on Twitter, "Looks like 7 really is a lucky number. More to come..."

The Bloody Disgusting report is quick to note that the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes have stopped any momentum on "Scream 7" in its tracks, meaning fans will likely have to wait however long it takes for both unions to reach a fair and equitable deal with the AMPTP guild of producers before any further updates on "Scream 7" arrive. But in the meantime, fans can daydream about the sheer potential of Landon bringing his uniquely energetic and wry sense of direction to "Scream."

We're still not over the fact that "Happy Death Day 3" sounds like it would've been an absolute riot, but hopefully the universe will make it up to us with a Chrostopher Landon-directed "Scream 7."