Here's How Gnarly The Unrated Version Of M3GAN Gets

If you thought the PG-13 version of "M3GAN" was mouthy, you might want to cover your ears for the unrated cut, now available on Peacock. Shortly after the surprisingly touching horror comedy hit theaters, director Gerard Johnstone and screenwriter Akela Cooper both made it known that the original script was gorier than what was shown in theaters, and teased the possibility of an unrated cut as much of the original gore was already filmed but edited out for a PG-13 release. Luckily, Blumhouse and Universal Pictures made the brilliant decision to release the gorier cut of "M3GAN" on Peacock, which is now available to stream.

There are some definite differences between the two films, some more noticeable than others, and may help make your decision whether to go with the theatrical cut or the new, unrated release. Obvious spoilers ahead, but there are the all of differences between the two versions of "M3GAN."

There are more swears

PG-13 movies are allocated a single F-bomb, and the theatrical release of "M3GAN" really made it count. Rather than let M3GAN or even a terrified Allison Williams drop the ultimate swear, the honor was instead given to the incel-in-training, Brandon (Jack Cassidy), the awful pre-teen bully that triggers M3GAN's (human) killing spree. Having kids curse in horror films is always a good decision, and it really emphasized what an absolute terror Brandon really is.

In the unrated cut, there are eight F-bombs dropped. Brandon still gets his time in the sweary sun, but Gemma's boss David (Ronny Chieng) is the source of six more. Don't get me wrong, Chieng was hugely effective in the theatrical cut, but giving him the chance to pop off some more expletives really hammers home what a monstrous boss he can be. Anyone who has ever had to work in an environment where the people in power had no problem cussing out their employees will relate. But the best F-bomb comes from M3GAN herself, as she lets one fly during her massive showdown during the film's climax. We're not going to spoil where exactly the F-bomb drops, because everyone deserves the chance to be able to throw their head back to cackle in delight when it happens. Just know that M3GAN's timing is always right.

M3GAN brings the pain

Some viewers were surprised by the lack of gore in the theatrical release of "M3GAN," with many hoping for an unrated cut to really let the A.I. killer doll unleash unbridled chaos. Fortunately, those wishes were received, as the new cut really lets M3GAN go hard in the name of killing.

The first major change deals with the death of Brandon. M3GAN still pulls off his ear after he bullies Cady and attacks M3GAN, but the footage of the ear rip is absolutely brutal. M3GAN could easily pull off his ear quickly, but she revels in his pain. She straight up mutilates this kid, before chasing him down the hill, putting him in the direct path of being hit by a car. M3GAN means business, and it's almost shocking to see the film really "go there" and kill a kid with such ferocity.

When M3GAN finally has her face-off with Gemma's neighbor, Celia (Lori Dungey), she attacks her with a power washer, nailing her directly in the face and shredding off her cheek flesh with the pressure of the hose. It's far more graphic than the cutaway scene in the theatrical release, and a disgustingly awesome use of special effects.

For those concerned about whether or not the death of Dewey the dog is more graphic, take solace in knowing the scene is still implied off-screen. Even the unrated version was wise enough to not kill a dog before the audience's eyes.

A corporate bloodbath

The instantly-viral teaser trailer for "M3GAN" featured her dancing in a red hallway, which turned out to be the start of her reign of terror within the walls of the Funki corporation. When she chases down David to kill him with the blade of an industrial paper cutter, the results are far more graphic than before. David's blood sprays all over his assistant Kurt (Stephane Garneau-Monten) in the elevator, which makes M3GAN's monologue explaining how she's going to frame him for all of the murders all the more terrifying.

When she finally slices his throat, blood erupts from his throat like a geyser, spraying all over the back walls of the elevator. The moment is still pretty quick like the theatrical cut, but that little bit of extra gore really elevates the scene. It's incredible to see what a difference just a second and a half of footage can make, but the unrated cut of "M3GAN" feels like the definitive version of who this character is and just what she's capable of.

With "M3GAN 2.0" already in development, it'll be interesting to see whether or not they go straight for the R-rating, or follow a similar path as the first film and save the unrated cut for the inevitable streaming release.