Chucky Season 2 Ending Explained: It's A Ho-Ho-Horrifically Fun Finale

Sometimes it seems like the entirety of "Chucky" season 2 was just one, giant, collective hallucination by the fans. The season kicked off with a Halloween special, threw the main tweens into Catholic school for some fun (with a weirdly hot priest played by Devon Sawa), and gave Jennifer Tilly a "Bound" reunion/solo episode that allowed her to remind the world why she's an Academy Award-nominated performer. Fiona Dourif has continued a masterful reign at playing multiple characters inhabiting her character Nica Pierce's body, including often having to imitate the voice of Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, who has been played by her father, Brad Dourif, for nearly three-and-a-half decades.

There have been exploding members of the clergy, live-action Glen and Glenda played by Lachlan Watson ("The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"), an "Apocalypse Now" era Marlon Brando-impersonating Chucky doll, a pacifist Chucky doll, and the unforgettable "Buff Chuck." It was a season that needed to be seen to be believed because it's a thankful shock that USA and Syfy let "Chucky" creator Don Mancini get away with all that he did.

Season 2 ended as it began, with a holiday special, but the "Chucky Actually" finale was the Christmas-horror slasher we didn't know we needed. Strap in, because things are going to get very weird, very bloody, and delightfully festive.

How did we get here?

"Chucky Actually," a nod to the Christmas classic "Love Actually," takes place a few months after last week's episode. Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) has just gotten out of rehab, Jake (Zackary Arthur) and Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) have finished their court-manded community service, Kyle (Christine Elise) and Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) have left the tween trio thinking Chucky has finally been stopped for good, and Tiffany Valentine-in-the-body-of-Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer Tilly) is on the run because she (and by "she," we mean Hollywood star Jennifer Tilly possessed by Tiffany) is wanted for murder. As for Nica? No one seems to know where she's gone, but she shot Glen in the chest, leaving them hospitalized and Glenda desperate for them to be put back into the original doll from "Seed of Chucky" so that they don't die in their mortal forms.

Lexy invites Jake and Devon to stay with her for the holidays, Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly gets Glen and Glenda back into the doll form (voiced by Billy Boyd!), and adopts the new name, "G.G." All seems well and good with Chucky out of the picture, but by this point, we should all know that a Good Guy never goes down so easily. As to be expected, Chucky is not dead, as the spirit of Charles Lee Ray jumped into the body of Dr. Mixter (Rosemary Dunsmore) in the last episode only to be put back into a Good Guy doll in this episode. Don't you get it yet, kids? CHUCKY IS UNSTOPPABLE!

Sweet Caroline ain't so sweet

Chucky drops down the chimney in his most festive attire to ruin everybody's Christmas, which includes killing Lexy's narcissistic mother Mayor Michelle Cross (Barbara Alyn Lind). Lexy goes full-on "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" and carves Chucky up like a Christmas ham, but he's not alone. Tiffany (still in the body of Jennifer Tilly) arrives because she's got a plan of her own. Lexy's little sister Caroline (Carina Battrick) reveals herself to have been an agent of Chucky all this time. She was never afraid of the doll, merely biding her time until her "real mommy," Tiffany, would rescue her.

Now, the police are investigating Mayor Cross' murder, the tween trio are all officially orphans, and Tiffany is on the run with Caroline and her Belle doll, in the hopes that she can "Voodoo for Dummies" her way back into her original vessel and stop having to keep a low, "Jennifer Tilly-is-wanted-for-murder" profile.

The episode fast forwards a few weeks with Tiffany now hiding out in an apartment overlooking Times Square with Caroline, dressed like a femme fatale and lit in a cityscape like something out of "Blade Runner." She gets a call and hears Nica on the other end, who confesses that she still very much intends on torturing and murdering Tiffany for what she put her through. Desperate to get into the Belle doll, Tiff tries to perform the ritual herself, but something's wrong. The Belle doll won't take to possession, and there seems to be no real answer as to why.

The answer is, of course, exactly what we'd hoped for.

Chucky lives!

The Belle doll sits up, wipes away the makeup on its face, and is revealed to have been the Chucky doll in disguise the whole time. BECAUSE OF COURSE, IT IS! Did you honestly think Chucky's daddy, Don Mancini, would kill off his progeny? The core story ends on this cliffhanger, but not before Chucky sits in his usual fireside chair to address the audience directly. As this is the season finale and a Christmas episode, his seasonal wrap-up is delivered with some festive flair.

Chucky then goes down the list of the entire season to provide his own version of a Dead Meat "Kill Count," but set to a warped version of "The 12 Days of Christmas." Chucky highlights every slash, explosion, decapitation, strangulation, crime of passion, public execution, and every other form of death on display throughout the season as a permanent reminder that nobody f**** with Chucky.

There's yet to be a season 3 renewal for "Chucky," and given the constant flux of both USA and Syfy's programming, the fate of our favorite killer doll is definitely up in the air. If by chance the networks opt not to renew the series, the streaming service Peacock, which is the current streaming home for "Chucky" season 1, would be wise to keep our friend going 'til the very end.