Potential Black Panther 3 Villains That MCU Phase 5 Could Introduce

This article contains major spoilers for "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever."

Although it was never in doubt, "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" has already made considerable waves at the box office in just its opening weekend. A sequel has not been officially announced yet, but it feels like an inevitable outcome at this point. The Marvel machine will continue to chug along with a new Black Panther at the center of it. Moreover, the "Black Panther" films have to keep the streak alive after delivering a pair of great superhero antagonists. While "Wakanda Forever" marks the official end to Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Five could lay the foundation for some major "Black Panther 3" opponents down the road.

It's no secret that the "Black Panther" films have delivered some of the best MCU villains to date. Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) was revelatory in the first "Black Panther," while the sequel introduced arguably the best Phase Four villain with Namor (Tenoch Huerta Mejia). And although there is room for the latter to continue his journey in the MCU, Namor is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to revered Black Panther comic book villains. If "Black Panther 3" wants to up the ante in a big way, there are a few likely candidates that could help it do just that.

Doctor Doom

The most obvious answer is often the best one for a reason. It's only a matter of time before Doctor Doom makes his way into the MCU — might as well do it in the next "Black Panther" film. In the comics, he has crossed paths with the Black Panther more often than not, so it's well within the expectations set by the canon. There could be some thematic overlap battling another king of a secretive country, but I don't think anyone would pass up the chance of pitting Doctor Doom against Black Panther. And "Wakanda Forever" sets the groundwork to segue to him in "Black Panther 3."

The events that give rise to the conflict between Talokan and Wakanda in "Wakanda Forever" could also end up paving the way to the introduction of Doctor Doom's home country, Latveria, in the sequel. In "Wakanda Forever," it's revealed that the U.S. and other nations are using new technology to track and retrieve deposits of vibranium deep in the ocean. However, it is not outside the realm of possibility that there is a clandestine connection between the CIA's vibranium mining operations and Doom. It's possible he's secretly trying to start a war, or simply get some vibranium for himself. In either case, "Wakanda Forever" may have quietly set the stage for Doom's MCU debut.


Look, hear us out. We love M'Baku (Winston Duke) as much as everyone else, but there is a distinct opportunity here. Unlike the MCU, M'Baku is typically depicted as a super-powered villain called Man-Ape that often fights Black Panther in Marvel's comic books. He is a straight-up evil nemesis in the comics canon, but the "Wakanda Forever" sequel does not have to go that route. There is room for nuance and potential growth for M'Baku and Black Panther herself.

Instead of a villain turn, a "Civil War"-style conflict could break out between the two Wakandans. There are already hints that they differ philosophically, and maybe that could come into play, creating a rift. Following the same train of thought, a third antagonist would force them to join efforts, but there is potential for a possible match-up between Shuri and M'Baku in "Black Panther 3." And while he does not possess any super-abilities yet, perhaps M'Baku will feel the need to acquire some as the new ruler of Wakanda.


One element not explored in the "Black Panther" film series thus far is the magical side of the MCU. Phase Four has perhaps suffered from a bit of a magic overload, but we're going to assume that the next "Black Panther" film will pick up well after the most recent events in the MCU. 

Of course, this leads us to our next pick. Enter Tetu, a Wakandan man with magical abilities that allow him to control the forces of nature. After studying at the Hekima Shulē academy in his home country, Tetu looked outside of civilization for the rest of his education. He returned more powerful than ever before, now able to manipulate the environment and teleport at will.

Like many other in Marvel's comic books, Tetu has attempted to overthrow the Black Panther as the ruler of Wakanda. However, his reasons may set the stage for a powerful "Black Panther 3" storyline. When Tetu waged war against the superhero, he gathered rebels from Wakanda itself who were keen on dethroning T'Challa and shared a common cause. Although his methods were unjustifiable, Tetu wanted to fight for a better Wakanda and for those who were exploited by it. Tetu is an all-around-worthy adversary that should be considered for the sequel.

T'Channa aka Doctor Doom

Ok, we're cheating a bit here. If Doctor Doom doesn't make it to Wakanda, perhaps the alternative universe version will do. Hailing from Earth-2301, T'Channa is the sister of King T'Challa, but she also happens to be the Doctor Doom of that world. T'Channa's mission to seize the throne from her brother led her to Latveria, where she honed her magical abilities under the guidance of its ruler, Victor Von Doom. However, she eventually killed Doom and took over as king, making her the next Doctor Doom. Though it could get convoluted rather quickly, T'Channa could make for a particularly intriguing antagonist for the new Black Panther.

With Shuri now carrying the titular mantle in the "Black Panther" films, a rivalry between the (alternate universe) sisters of T'Challa would make for some good drama. Although the multiverse should be used sparingly, "Black Panther 3" feels like an intriguing place to tap back into that concept for the MCU. The film could also simply ditch the multiverse aspect entirely and reveal the existence of secret sister, but I think that would be treading familiar territory. Nevertheless, T'Channa is a real possibility worth considering for the "Wakanda Forever" sequel.

"Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" is now playing in theaters across the globe.