Alexander Skarsgård Will Make Directorial Debut With The Pack Starring Florence Pugh

Actors taking their talents behind the camera as directors is always exciting to hear about, and this news from Deadline is certainly no exception. Alexander Skarsgård has been tapped to direct "The Pack," a psychological thriller that will also serve as his directorial debut. If that wasn't enough to get you interested, wait until you hear that Florence Pugh has signed on as the film's lead. The movie will be seeking distribution at next week's American Film Market, but with this type of star power already attached, it's likely that it will have to face an intense bidding war.

According to Deadline, "The Pack" will follow a group of documentarians reuniting at an awards ceremony to represent their film. In the public eye, they helped bring awareness to a nearly extinct group of wolves in the Alaskan wilderness, but the truth is much stranger and darker than that. Tensions are bound to flare and egos will probably be shattered as their facades finally slip.

More questions than answers

Well, that certainly sounds like an interesting movie. While billed as a psychological thriller, there could be some horror elements in it, as well. Perhaps it will take the "Yellowjackets" route, where the group did something horrible while in the Alaskan wilderness that they are forced to grapple with. If this is the case, then Skarsgård and Pugh are the perfect pair to bring this to the screen. Skarsgård burst into Hollywood playing a sexy vampire in "True Blood," while Pugh is a certified scream queen thanks to "Midsommar."

Skarsgård will direct from an original screenplay by Rose Gilroy, whose script "Project Artemis" is being adapted into a film starring Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum. 

It is also worth noting that Deadline reports "The Pack" as being somewhat similar to "Nightcrawler," which was directed by Rose's father, Dan Gilroy. Jennifer Fox will serve as the film's primary producer, but more will likely sign on once attendees at the American Film Market get to read the script.

If the right deals are made at the prestigious event, then "The Pack" could begin filming sometime in 2023.