Dwayne Johnson Promises That A Certain Dead Black Adam Character May Very Well Return

This post contains spoilers for "Black Adam."

Despite mixed critical reception, "Black Adam" is currently changing the hierarchy of the box office with numbers surpassing expectations. The jury is out on whether it will be a game-changer for the DC Extended Universe, but one thing is certain — it's a passionate love letter to the corners of the canon that does several fan-favorite characters justice. Dwayne Johnson's titular antihero is a great addition to the genre, but the introduction of the Justice Society of America may just take the cake. Especially with Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), who we consider the best character in the film, eclipsing Black Adam himself. Unfortunately, he doesn't make it out of the film alive. Or does he?

After Doctor Fate's heroic sacrifice at the end of "Black Adam," it seems as if Brosnan closes the lid on his brief superhero venture. However, that does not mean Doctor Fate is gone for good. The power bestowed to Kent Nelson in the first place derives from a possessed, magical helmet that grants its bearers the supernatural abilities seen in the film. This means that while Kent will likely not return, we could see the Doctor Fate persona sooner rather than later — at least according to the Rock himself.

'You will see more of him'

During the final act of the film, Doctor Fate confirms to his bestie Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) that he must confront Sabaac by himself to fulfill the future where they win the battle against the demon. Of course, this leads to the sorcerer's death at the hands of the villain, leaving the helmet unscathed in the process. The moment is meant to give closure to the longest-tenured hero in the film, but it may not be the last time we see him. 

Johnson went to Twitter to address the death and, in response to a fan's reaction to the character, he revealed that "Dr Fate is one of my favorites too and you will see more of him. I promise." Although Johnson does not elaborate further, nor does he specify if he is talking about Kent or just Doctor Fate, there are a few options on the table. 

As previously mentioned, the sentient helmet could choose its next host (as it briefly did with Hawkman at the end of the film). And since Kent kind of just dissolves into the helmet, he could return in a different capacity. Brosnan may just be a mentoring presence within the helmet, guiding the next user on their adventures as Doctor Fate. Although it's not up to us to make the decision, we present a few likely candidates to wear the helmet.

Who could put on the helmet?

Assuming Kent won't rise from the dead in a physical capacity, we could see a "Black Adam" sequel introduce more heroes that could wear the helmet. In the comics, Eric Strauss was the second person to don the moniker, and he was a 10-year-old boy aged up by the helmet to become the next host. However, his story, which includes him falling in love with his stepmom and merging to become a more powerful Doctor Fate, has not aged very well, in my humble opinion. With that in mind, other potential legacy suitors are also at play. Eric's daughter, Linda Strauss, is a solid choice, while Hector Hall, the son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, remains a strong possibility.

The most recent incarnation may be where the DCEU will be heading towards, however. Khalid Nassour, a young Egyptian-American medical student, is the current user of the Helmet of Nabu. He was eventually revealed to be the grandnephew Kent Neslon, so the connection can be easily made in a "Black Adam" follow-up or in a well-warranted JSA spin-off. No matter the case, I don't think there is a character already in the film that could easily pick up the mantle. A new one should be introduced, even if it's an entirely original character.

Until the inevitable sequel arrives, "Black Adam" can be seen in theaters across the world.