The Batman Director Matt Reeves Is Planning Movies About The Dark Knight's Villains

The world of "The Batman" is expanding. In their massive report detailing the recent moves being made at Warner Bros. with the DC brand, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Matt Reeves is currently discussing the potential for multiple "Batman" spinoffs based on the Caped Crusader's rogues gallery. While no projects have been greenlit yet (or are even past the discussion stage), Reeves is speaking with several writers and directors in order to expand the version of Gotham he introduced earlier this year.

Of course, we already know that Colin Farrell's Penguin will be getting his own spinoff series, but he won't be alone. Both movies and series are being pitched that involve well-known — and lesser-known — Batman villains, with three standing out in particular: Scarecrow, Professor Pyg, and Clayface.

The fact that these rogues are being discussed gives a very interesting picture of how Reeves might be planning to develop his version of Gotham. While "The Batman" had a realistic and gritty aesthetic, it was heightened in a way that felt almost uncanny. Introducing these villains could signal that Reeves isn't afraid to introduce more fantastical elements into his world, especially in the aftermath of the Riddler's flood.

What happens next

The news of these potential spinoffs shouldn't be surprising. Reeves recently signed a massive overall deal with Warner Bros. to create and oversee several projects, many of which will likely involve his "Batman" expansion. Furthermore, this past February, Reeves expressed his desire to create what he calls a "Batverse," with Gotham teaming with the hero's greatest villains. He considered "The Batman" his first step in creating such a universe.

"What I really wanted this movie to do is create a Batverse," he said. "The Bat world is so rich with character that as you're starting to come to an end, you can already start thinking about the next thing. Because the idea, of course, is that Gotham's story never ends."

So, what happens next? We're not sure, and it is also very likely that some of these projects being discussed behind the scenes will not materialize. It's sad, but it's true. However, if we may make one request, can we please get a revival of Mike Flanagan's take on Clayface