The She-Hulk Finale Features Cameos From The Show's Actual Writers

That's my secret, Cap. I'm always warning readers about major spoilers for "She-Hulk: Attorney At Law" to follow.

Well, it's safe to say nobody expected all that from the season finale of "She-Hulk." Just when it seemed like yet another installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was destined for a safe, familiar, and narratively unsatisfying conclusion, the latest chapter in the life of attorney by day, She-Hulk by night Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) abruptly zigged when even the biggest comic book fans may have anticipated it to zag.

In-between important bricklaying for the wider universe and casual allusions to the state of the MCU these days, the series writers always made sure to include countless moments where they could show off their own unique sense of humor. As of this last and most formula-shattering episode of "She-Hulk" yet, however, the writing team decided to take things in the most surreal and meta direction possible. Thanks to a dramatic twist that pulled the rug out from under viewers, the character with a penchant for smashing the fourth wall did so once more — with a key assist from the show's actual writers, as well.

When She-Hulk breaks through the Disney+ main menu and wanders into the halls of Marvel Studios headquarters, she soon finds herself confronting the actual writers' room over some, uh, questionable choices made in the faux finale. While the two main speaking roles are performed by actors, many of the background roles feature on-screen cameos by the writers themselves.

Making an impact on the other side of the screen

This not quite at the level of, say, "Being John Malkovich," but the "She-Hulk" finale certainly pushed the boundaries of what the MCU has ever even attempted before. In one of its boldest and most amusing twists yet, a supremely dissatisfied She-Hulk decides to take charge of her own destiny and right some serious wrongs. It only makes it more amusing that, in the process, the writers took a fun little shot at themselves by having their own title character angrily call them out on hewing a little too close to genre conventions.

The concluding episode builds to the moment when Jennifer Walters comes face-to-face with the writers' room and specifically interacts with characters named "Writer Jessica," portrayed by Eden Lee, and "Writer Zeb" (Justin Miles). These, of course, are overt references to actual head writer Jessica Gao (pictured above) and producer, series writer, and comic book writer Zeb Wells (whom you can see below).

But the extreme meta factor doesn't end there, as both writers make their own non-speaking appearances in the scene along with staff writer Cody Zilgar (pictured below), all situated around the war room and accompanied by incredibly detailed — and rather hilarious — mockups of the writers attempting to break the story for an as-of-yet hypothetical second season. In addition to poking fun at the stereotypical crutch of resorting to dream sequences and other ham-fisted clichés, the scene also gives a well-deserved spotlight to some of the artists responsible for the show's success to this point. Accustomed to working behind the scenes, one can't hold it against the creative team for wanting to show these individuals some love.

The season finale of "She-Hulk" is currently streaming on Disney+.