Is Jamie Lee Curtis Done With The Halloween Franchise Or What?

Celebrities are arguably at their best when you have no idea what's going on in their heads. Because of social media, we know too much about each other, and we especially know too much about the class of entertainers we call celebrities. That is why I personally adore Jamie Lee Curtis: she seems like a great person to be around, and she never fails to keep fans on their toes about what she's got going on, even if she does post a lot on Instagram.

If you're looking for the perfect example, then look no further than her ongoing press appearances promoting the upcoming "Halloween Ends." Reprising the iconic role of Laurie Strode once again, the film may or may not be the end of the line for the actress and this great character. I say that because her answers have varied wildly when asked whether she will be up to doing another "Halloween" movie. Don't believe me? Let's take a look at every time she's contradicted herself on this press tour.

An all-too-brief timeline

All good stories start at the beginning, and that is no exception here. In February, she said in a now-deleted Instagram post that "Halloween Ends" marked "a bittersweet END for [her] on the 'Halloween' movies." (via People) A few months later in September, Curtis discussed her experience walking onto the set of "Halloween Ends" with Total Film. In her interview, she said she felt a sense of finality in this particular performance.

"I realized that would be the last time I ever saw Laurie Strode," she recounted. "We all recognized that moment, that it was the wrap for Laurie Strode and me and this community of artists who made these movies. It was a big deal."

Sounds reasonable enough. However, in a recent interview with SFX Magazine, she made some comments that sound like she was changing her tune. "[Doing the 'Halloween' movies] has not only been satisfying for me, but it's launched me creatively into a whole other world," she said. "So to say never is stupid."


In what is likely one last curveball to this story, Curtis recently published an article in People about the legacy of Laurie and how much the character means to her. "It's now the end for Laurie and me," she wrote. "I am scared right now, as I hang up my bell bottoms and say goodbye to 'Halloween.' Life is scary. But Laurie taught me that life can also be beautiful, filled with love and art and life!"

What it all means

If we're being completely honest here, then "Halloween Ends" is more than likely Curtis's final outing as Laurie. After all, she has been a part of this franchise since the very beginning and has several other projects in the pipeline. She deserves a break, and so does Laurie as a character. Not only that, but she has talked about it being her final portrayal of the character more often than not. Sorry for the clickbait!

However, the idea of her switching up and deciding to reprise the role at some point in the future is objectively hilarious. If she does end up playing Laurie again for any reason, I will support her 100%. She should be allowed to not make up her mind. Why? Because she's Jamie Lee Curtis. That should be explanation enough.

Whether or not it does end up being Laurie Strode's final dance, "Halloween Ends" slashes its way into theaters and on Peacock on October 14, 2022.