Showtime Drops The First Episode Of Let The Right One In Early, And For Free

Just in time for spooky season: the good folks at Showtime have released the first episode of the new "Let the Right One In" series early, and for free. That way, fans who have been interested in checking out the series but didn't want to fork over the cash for a Showtime subscription can get a little taste of the child vampire drama. According to Collider, the episode is available on Showtime's streaming services and on Demand, meaning anyone with internet access or a cable box should be able to check out the pilot of this chilling new series. 

"Let the Right One In" is based on a novel of the same name by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist and has been adapted into two films, each with their own fairly fervent fanbase. There are probably a lot of people out there who are curious about this adaptation but aren't willing to dig their fangs into a Showtime subscription just yet, so this early and free pilot is a great way to convince them to take the plunge.

A beautiful and bloody tale

The new Showtime series will stay somewhat faithful to its source material, though some changes might be necessary to make it work as a series and fill in the run-time. The series will follow a man named Mark (Demián Bichir), who tries his best to be a father figure and care for a young girl vampire, played by Madison Taylor Baez. In the 2008 Swedish film by Tomas Alfredson and the 2010 American remake by Matt Reeves, the focus is primarily on the relationship between the young vampire Eleanor (Baez) and her neighbor, a little boy named Oskar. The Showtime series seems more focused on the relationship between Eleanor and Mark, which should be interesting and give fans of previous adaptations something new to sink their teeth into. 

The official synopsis describes Mark and Eleanor as father and daughter, and explains that she has been trapped as a vampire for a decade and Mark keeps her locked inside for her safety. The relationship between the vampire and her father figure wasn't nearly as wholesome in the novel or either of the films (he's actually a pedophile who helps find blood and shelter because he's attracted to the child vampire), so this new family tie should make for some heartbreaking and dramatic developments. 

You can sneak a peek at the first episode of "Let the Right One In" for free, right now, over on Showtime.